• Welcome and congratulations on earning admission to a MSU Graduate School program. There are many challenges and steps to earning an advanced degree or certificate, and The Graduate School is here to help. If you have any questions during your academic career please contact the Office of Degree Programs & Certificates at [email protected] 994-4145 or stop by Montana Hall Room 104.

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Additional Information for Current Students

To help ensure successful and timely degree or certificate completion, each graduate student is required to complete a Program of Study. Find out more about this process by selecting your type of program:


DegreeWorks® is a web-based degree planning tool. Before a Program of Study is submitted, students will see the general degree or certificate requirements set by their department. After a Program of Study is approved, a student's DegreeWorks® record will be customized to reflect your individual plan of study. Use this tool to track completion of your degree or certificate. DegreeWorks® is not a substitute for consultation with your graduate committee chair. Log into DegreeWorks® through MyInfo.

Have questions about the steps to completing your certificate or degree? General guidelines to degree & certificate completion may be found here.

There are many steps to the graduation process. To ensure each one is met, familiarize yourself with the steps by reviewing the graduation form and policy:

  • Graduate students must “apply to graduate” by submitting the Graduation Application Form. This tells The Graduate School that you intend to finish your studies by the end of the semester.  Once the form is submitted, staff will conduct a “first audit” to make sure the program of study has been followed and that all degree or certificate requirements are on track for completion. This will allow ample time to correct any deficiencies and take any actions that might be required.