From joining a community to leadership opportunities to finding a mentor, graduate students can find ways to connect with both peers and faculty.

Student Communities

Connecting with your graduate peers and finding a student community is a wonderful part of the MSU graduate experience. Explore these organizations listed below:

If your student community is not listed here, please contact Grad School and we will add it.

Leadership Development

For those interested in strengthening their equitable and inclusive collaborative leadership, please apply to our annual leadership development program.


We strongly encourage students to develop a network of mentors i.e. not just their major professor, but extending to their Program of Study committee and to others in our community.

Montana State faculty are known as excellent mentors who fully support their graduate students. But as with all areas of work, our faculty are committed to continually learn and improve their mentoring.

Indigenous Mentoring Program

The Indigenous Mentoring Program (IMP) trains and support STEM faculty in mentoring, student socialization, cultural humility, and culturally attuned practices for research conducted by American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) students.  IMP workshops are conducted regularly by the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Graduate Peer Connections for New Graduate Students

Students who identify as one of the ethnic identities that is not well represented at our university can experience extra challenges; including feelings of being one of just a few students at a predominantly white university, feelings of being somewhat different, etc.  In addition to the challenges of starting as a graduate student.

The Graduate School offers incoming, underrepresented students a peer connection/mentor that they can talk with before they arrive and as the semester starts. If you are interested in obtaining such a mentor or serving as a mentor, please contact Craig Ogilvie .