The excellence awards at MSU celebrates the diversity of accomplishments by our graduate students. Graduating students are nominated by their department and awarded for one of three categories:

Land Grant Excellence: Students who are highly effective in engaging with the community, by sharing and applying new knowledge that is locally relevant and mutually beneficial.

Scholarship Excellence: Students who have created and disseminated new knowledge that significantly advances our understanding of our world.

Teaching Excellence: Students who have made a high impact on undergraduates’ lives by helping them grow in knowledge, skill, and confidence.

Spring 2021 Award Winners

Land Grant Excellence

Eric Berry

Katherine Bugni

Jacy Crowley

Gabriel Furshong

Andriana Puchany

Sander Story

Scholarship Excellence

Nicole Andersson

Alecia Besel

Gabriel Bromley

Nathaniel Rieders

Catherine Trainor

Stephen Walsh

Teaching Excellence

Jessica Bone

James Hicks

Laurel McKay

Jordan Meyer-Morey

Elise Reed

Madison Schumacher

Joshua Toft


Spring 2021

Fall 2020

Spring 2020