Craig Ogilvie Profile Picture

Dr. Craig Ogilvie

Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Vice-President of Research

Phone: (406) 994-4145

Email: Craig Ogilvie

Graduate Student Affairs  Provides resources and support to all graduate students on a broad range of issues.

dn Donna Negaard
Assistant Dean of the Graduate School
(406) 994-4147
email: Donna Negaard

Fiscal Management, Administration, and Operations Oversees Budgeting, Finances, and Administration, including GTA/GRA appointments and Tuition Waivers. 

Ann Wells
Business Manager
(406) 994-4112
email: Grad Finances

Mackenzie Williams
Project Coordinator
(406) 994-4145
email:Mackenzie Williams

Office of Admissions  Responsible for the application, evaluation and admission process of all graduate students at Montana State University.

me Melis Edwards
Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions
(406) 994-6329
email: Melis Edwards

Image of Vickie Peters

Vickie Peters
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(406) 994-4145
email: Vickie Peters
Danica Lower
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(406) 994-5729
email: Danica Lower
Bo Beck Bo Beck
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(406) 994-5561
email: Bo Beck

Office of Graduate Student Success  Supports graduate students from the approval of their programs of study to the acceptance of their graduation applications and electronic theses and dissertations. Facilitates GradCat 360, holistic professional development.

lc Lauren Cerretti
Degree Programs Specialist
(406) 994-5312
email: Lauren Cerretti
EP Emily Peters
Degree Programs Specialist
(406) 994-6673
email: Emily Peters


MSU  Holly Hillis

 Student Services Specialist
Formatting Advisor
(406) 994-7518
 email: Holly Hillis
Formatting email

Interdisciplinary Graduate Degree Programs - Manages interdisciplinary graduate degree programs and provides support to students and faculty in those programs. 

Diane Dorgan


Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Manager

Analytics & Systems Management - Data management and systems support including CollegeNet, DegreeWorks, statistics and reporting.

Laura Collins Laura Collins
Systems Analyst
(406) 994-7442
email: Laura Collins

Graduate Assistants with the Graduate School - Graduate assistants working on projects.

Wimett Photo

Lindsay Wimett
Wellbeing Initiative Graduate Assistant

Graduate School logo

Ellie Baird
Graduate Student Affairs Assistant

Grad Assistant

Flor Vega-Castillo
Graduate Admissions & Recruitment Assistant
Email: Flor Vega-Castillo

Photo of Abby Sophir

Abby Sophir
Graduate Student Success Assistant
Email: Abby Sophir

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Tim Schehl
Graduate Leadership Assistant
Email: Tim Schehl