Why Support the Graduate School

“Supporting graduate education is a win – win situation for you, the community, and the students who are helped. There are few endeavors in life that give so much to both an individual and society as making graduate education more accessible for every student that has the desire and the aptitude.”

-Randall Mullen, Ph.D., LRES/Ecology & Environmental Sciences, 2012

When you donate to The Graduate School, you support students who are building components for NASA satellites, producing films for National Geographic, growing sustainable foods and advancing healthcare and education in Montana. 

Your thoughtfulness today will have an impact on the world of tomorrow.

Your Gift Can Help To...

  • Provide merit-based Fellowships to outstanding graduate students from all colleges.
  • Offer Travel Awards to students presenting research at professional conferences.
  • Support graduate students on their career paths in and outside of academia by providing professional development resources through GradCat 360.


“Donations in support of graduate education are money spent for the good of human kind and have the ability to make a big difference in the world. Graduate students receiving support are those who are hard workers with a genuine enthusiasm for their work, and donations of any amount can have an impact on the student and the research they produce.”

--Dorjderem “Dorj” Sukhragchaa, Fulbright Grant Recipient & Master's Candidate in Land Rehabilitation