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Meghan Livers
Graduate Research Grant Recipient
M.A. Candidate, Art History

Ms. Livers received funding to support on-location study in Sweden to research and document the frescos painted by the fifteenth-century German artist Albertus Pictor.  In Medieval Sweden, the largely illiterate populous would gather in churches surrounding Lake Mälaren to listen to mass and look upon elaborate biblical frescos. These vividly painted frescos with rich symbolic content are preserved in over 30 churches.  Since the bulk of contemporary scholarship on Pictor is written in Swedish, this limits its inclusion in a larger dialog on Medieval studies. Ms. Livers’ thesis will incorporate archival material with her own analytical study, exposing Pictor’s work to a wider audience and introducing an interpretation of the frescos to an English speaking audience.  Ms. Livers shared these thoughts on her trip:

“This research would not have been accomplished without The Graduate School, and I am grateful for the assistance. The main goal of my research trip was to visit the medieval churches containing murals painted by Albertus Pictor’s workshop. I was able to visit 32 out of the 36 churches, plus a few others for comparison… A secondary goal was to establish communication with other Albertus Pictor scholars…. The contacts I made while traveling along the Swedish country-side will aide me in my thesis research and future pursuits. From my trip, I have surmised that I am possibly the only person conducting current research on Albertus Pictor and his workshop. I intend to take a new approach when analyzing the murals that previous scholars have not touched upon. …Words of encouragement from my contacts abroad have led me to believe that I have ample data to work with in producing substantial research to aid the discipline of art history.

More About Meghan

Hometown: Corning, New York

Education History: B.A., Anthropology & History, University of Montana

When I was a kid, I wanted to become… An Archaeologist

Why did you want to attend graduate school? What drew you to Montana State University? An advanced degree will allow me more opportunities in the museum field. I chose Montana State University because the art history program is strong but small thus allowing for more one-on-one interaction with professors.

What are your plans after graduation? I plan on applying to Ph.D. programs and would like to enroll in a program abroad so I can be closer to the subject of my research.

What is your advice to future graduate students? Know where you want to go with your degree in order to apply for grants and scholarships in a timely manner. However, give yourself the first semester to become comfortable with the program and allow for exploration. That first semester can guide your future studies.