Bozeman is one of the 15% most-affordable cities in the US while studying at a top research university and we have one of the best-value tuition rates in the country for international students.

There are several ways to fund your graduate education;

  1. Student loans available for international students in a variety of our masters programs
  2. Assistantships
    1. Departments can offer you an assistantship when they offer you admission.
    2. Students get a monthly stipend and their tuition is almost always covered. If tuition is not covered, then it is charged at in-state rates
  3. Costs
    1. View both the regular graduate tuition and fee schedule and the online graduate tuition and fee schedules here
    2. Estimate of tuition and fees of 30 credit masters is a total of $35,710 for an international student (if you don’t have an assistantship). 

Learn more about International Graduate Student Admissions here: