The Graduate School at Montana State University (MSU) recognizes those individuals who served in AmeriCorps, as we acknowledge the your value you can bring to the higher education sector. Your commitment and leadership skills as well as your civic engagement benefit all. We are proud to partner and be a part of the School of National Service 

We encourage individuals who are currently serving in, or who are alumni of, AmeriCorps, to request an application fee waivers to pursue advanced graduate education at our institute. Additionally, if you are admitted into the degree program of choice, then we further would encourage you to also apply for tuition support. Read further to learn how. 

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Application Fee Waiver Request:

Please submit a request to [email protected] (subject: AmeriCorps Application Fee Waiver), requesting an application fee waiver. Your email shoud identify the program you are interested (see this link for all MSU graduate programs) and should have an attached letter of verification documentation that you served in AmeriCorps. Do not apply to your selected graduate program until you receive a reply from MSU's Graudate School. The Graduate School will respond to your email with detailed instructions on applying. The Graduate School will not reimburse an applicant who pays for the application themself, prior to approval.


Apply for a Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver Details 

The following qualified candidates are eligible for up to 12 credits/academic term of tuition waivers provided that the student is in good standing. Fees are the responsibility of the student and/or admitting department. The tuition waiver should be used only for credits that apply towards the degree or certificate program.

  • Doctoral students: MSU Graduate School will provide waivers for their first four semesters
  • Master’s students: MSU Graduate School will provide waivers for their first two semesters. 
  • Certificate students: MSU Graduate School will provide a waiver for their first semester. 

Eligibility - The nominee must: 

  • be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • hare currently serving or are an alumni of, AmeriCorp;
  • be newly admitted to a graduate program at MSU;
  • not have been awarded a full-tuition waiver from MSU, or outside agencies.

Nominations can come at any time from the student, a graduate coordinator, or faculty member and should include:

  • the name of the student;
  • documentation of prove of current service, or alumn, of AmeriCorps service 
  • which graduate program the student is newly enrolled in

Appling for the tuition waiver(s)

Submit the nomination in a single email attachment (PDF) to [email protected] (subject: AmeriCorps Tuition Waiver Request). The Graduate School will review your completed packet for consideration and notify you via email regarding whether or not you have been selected as a receiptient for AmeriCorp tuition waivers.