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Do you have an idea for how to build community and connections between your graduate peers?

The Graduate School is pleased to announce an internal competition for community building mini-grant. We will provide ~10 mini-grants of $500 each to graduate-student organizations. All sorts of projects will get funded, ranging from community engagement, to outdoor activities, to professional development, to celebrations of different cultures or groups of students, to local meetups. for students who are taking online graduate courses.


Criteria for selection will include estimates of how many graduate students will be engaged, the opportunity for graduate students to meaningfully connect with each other (e.g. projects where students listen to a speaker will likely not be funded), and the possibility that the activity/event may seed longer-term community. Expenses must follow CatsConnect rules for allowed expenses. These are described in the section Permitted and Prohibited Uses of Student Organization Fees towards the bottom of the funding policies page.

Only official student organizations that serve graduate students can receive the mini-award. 

Deadline and Submission

The deadline for submission is Monday, September 13, 2021 at 5pm. Apply Here.Any official student organization that serves graduate students can apply, though we will ask for one main contact.

The questions on this form include; 1) title, 2) short description of project, 3) student organization numbers of students likely to be involved,  4) a file to upload that contains your project’s budget and budget description, and 5) contact information