The application period for AY20-21 has closed.

Each line will have an $18,000 10-month stipend and will include tuition waivers with an expected average of 19 hours of work per week. Fees are not covered by this award.

Priority will be given to:

  1. Newer PhD programs (those started since 2014; Psychology, Education, and Materials Science) who would like to use these awards to further develop a critical mass of students as the faculty strengthens research funding.
  2. Established PhD programs who have small numbers of PhD students and want to grow, e.g. programs in the “needs improvement” part of the PhD prioritization study, but not strictly limited to these four.
  3. Programs that have a strong teaching professional development program for their GTAs.

Note: Some lines will be kept in reserve for those programs who have a larger fraction of students accept their PhD offers than they expected. These reserve GTA lines will be released in April 2020.  Programs interested in this option should contact Craig Ogilvie after April 15.

For AY 2020-21, we anticipate having funding for the same number (~12) of PhD Enhancement awards as in recent years.

Interested programs need to submit a short proposal (less than 300 words) to the Graduate School that includes a description of the following:

  1. How the enhancement lines will lead to increased PhD production for a specific doctoral program.
  2. How the programs provide PhD students with a quality teaching experience through a teaching professional development program.
  3. How the future academic appointments of the enhancement GTA award recipient will be covered in subsequent terms/years.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to Lauren Cerretti ( in the Graduate School by January 15, 2020, with a cc to the program’s academic dean(s). University Graduate Council members will review proposals and make recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School.

In order to assist department recruiting efforts, allocation of the GTA Enhancement lines will be completed by January 31, 2020.