Each College at MSU is represented by one council member, except the Colleges of Letters and Science, Arts & Architecture, and Education & Health and Human Development who have two representatives each to better represent the dual disciplines in these colleges. Members must be tenured or tenure-track faculty. Each member has one vote. In addition to the college representation, there is one full-time graduate student, who is in good standing that represents the Graduate Student body. Ex Officio non-voting members include the Dean of the Graduate School, the Vice-Chair of the MSU Faculty Senate, and the Graduate Student representative.

Council Members for 2020/2021

Name Position Representing
Brock Smith Member Agriculture
Chris Livingston Chair Architecture (Arts & Architecture)
Dennis Aig Member Arts (Arts & Architecture)
Marc Giullian Member Business
Anne Christensen Alternate Business
Tricia Seifert Member Education (EHHD)
Sweeney Windchief Alternate Education (EHHD)
Mike Wittie Member Engineering
Dawn Tarabochia Member Health & Human Development (EHHD)
Catherine Dunlop Member Letters (Letters & Science)
Wade Hill Member Nursing
Lisa Davis Member Science (Letters & Science)
Que Vo  Ex Officio Office of International Programs
 Maureen Kessler Student Representative  Graduate Students
Bradford Watson Ex Officio Faculty Senate, Chair-elect
Sara Mannheimer Ex Officio Library
Craig Ogilvie Ex Officio The Graduate School


Policy & Procedures


Curriculum  Livingston Aig   Watson (alternate)
Governance   Giullian Smith