Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
July 15, 2002

Graduate Council Members:


Ken Bowers, College of Letters & Science; Janice Bowman, College of Agriculture; Doug Cairns, College of Engineering; Marc Giullian, College of Business; Richard Helzer, College of Arts & Architecture; Bruce McLeod, Graduate Dean; Gretchen McNeely, College of Nursing; Alison Spain, Graduate Students; Craig Stewart, College of Education, Health & Human Development


      Present:Chair Bruce McLeod, Jan Bowman, Richard Helzer, Gretchen McNeely, Craig Stewart, Mark Giullian, Ken Bowers, Doug Cairns, Allison Spain, Rebecca Ward (College of Graduate Studies), Donna Negaard (College of Graduate Studies)


Graduate Council Items:


Item 1: Certificate in Complex Biological Systems discussion and review.

McLeod asked for any questions or comments regarding the Certificate in Complex Biological Systems proposal.  Cairns had concerns of continually adding programs to MSU without evaluating which programs may need to be eliminated.  The Certificate in Complex Biological Systems program was viewed as beneficial to MSU. 

Motion:  Bowers moved to accept the Certificate in Complex Biological Systems and move it forward to the Provost.  McNeely seconded.

Vote:  Unanimously passed.


Item 2:  Discussion and review of the Master of Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist option proposal.

McNeely presented information about the proposal for a Master of Nursing option Clinical Nursing Specialist (CNS).  This option is a second option under the Master of Nursing degree at MSU.  There are two focus areas under the CNS option:  1) Community/Public Health Nursing, and 2) Care of Adults with Acute/Chronic Health Care Conditions.

The CNS option would be offered via delivery under the same methods as the Family Financial Planning (FFP) option.  The CNS option addresses some of the growing needs for nursing in Montana.

The College of Nursing currently accepts six new students under the current option each year.  The new option would accept six new students into each focus area each year.

Bowers asked if they could handle tripling the graduate program.  McNeely said they had enough staff to accomplish this but they would need to hire additional staff for their undergraduate classes.  Bowers also asked if they would be asking for more GTA’s.  McNeely indicated that she didn’t think they would.   

Spain asked if this had the potential to expand in the future.  McNeely said there was a possibility if the need arises later but they were not considering that at this time.

Motion:  Cairns moved to accept the Master of Nursing degree program: Clinical Nurse Specialist option and move it forward to the Provost.  Bowman seconded.

Vote:  Unanimously passed.


Item 3:  Discussion and review of the Master of Science in Health and Human Development, Gerontology option.

Ward handed out the Notice of Intent for an Option in Gerontology under the MS Degree in Health and Human Development.  The Graduate Council had concerns regarding the diverse background of applicants to the degree program and how it would be determined to see if they had the minimum requirements similar to a proficiency requirement with such a variety of undergraduate degree programs “reflecting a social science orientation”. 

Action:  McLeod asked for the members of the Graduate Council to send their concerns to him in the form of an e-mail and he would forward their concerns to Dr. Sandy Osborne.


Item 4:   Approval of the June 20 Graduate Council meeting minutes

Motion:  Giullian moved to accept the minutes for the June 20 Graduate Council meeting.  McNeely seconded.

Vote:  Passed unanimously


Item 5:  Discussion of the use of 3xx level courses toward graduate degree requirements

Currently the program of study has allowed 3xx level courses for supporting areas not in their major of study.  The Graduate Council stated that a graduate program of study should only have supporting classes of 4xx level and above.

Motion:  McNeely moved to disallow the use of 3xx level classes on a graduate student’s program of study.  Bowman seconded.

Vote:  Passed unanimously


* The next Graduate Council meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m., August 20th in the President's Conference Room (MT Hall 103).

Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes July 15, 2002