Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
December 17, 2003

Present:Chair Bruce McLeod, Ken Bowers, Janice Bowman, Katie Daughenbaugh, Mark Giullian, Richard Helzer, Robert Maher, Gretchen McNeely, Jennifer Miller (College of Graduate Studies), Craig Stewart, Becky Ward, Mary Kay West (College of Graduate Studies).

Meeting commenced at 3:00 pm in the Provost’s office.

GRADUATE COUNCIL AGENDA ITEMS: (Numbers refer to item numbers on the Agenda)

1. Minutes for November 17, 2003

A motion to approve the minutes of the November meeting was made by _________________ and seconded by ___________________; the vote was unanimous.

2. Transfer Credit Policy

McLeod gave out a handout entitled “New Graduate Transfer Policy Addendum” for members to review. Item 9 would be added to items 1-8 on the current transfer credit policy, with the deletion of the word “Some”. Individual graduate committees still have the ability to deny a transfer credit for use on a graduate Program of Study. If a disagreement arises within a committee, it will be up to the department head to make the final decision. A motion was made by _________ and seconded by _________ to add item 9 to the current transfer credit policy.

McNeely requested that an additional item be added (“10”) to include a policy reminder that “6 – 9 non-degree credits may be used on a graduate Program of Study”. The vote was unanimous.

3. Credit Registration the Semester of Graduation

Current Policy: Requires a minimum of three credits of in-load (Registrar-registration) the semester of graduation.

  • Request that this be changed to allow Extended Studies registration (financial issues as well as grading issues are involved)
  • Request by students that this be changed to one credit instead of three.

At the present time, a student must be registered for 3 in-load MSU credits the semester he/she graduates, even if the student has taken all courses necessary. For some students, this is a financial burden (over $900 for “resident” students). The proposal by McLeod is to allow 3 credits, Registrar or Extended Studies courses, the final semester. A revision in the Final Semester Registration Requirement policy would allow distant and partial distant students to use Extended Studies courses to meet this requirement. A new policy including this new registration recommendation will be posted on the Graduate Council Web Board for all Graduate Council members to review and comment.

A proposal to lower the final semester credit registration from 3 credits to 1 (one) credit as well as a review of whether this would make the current “one credit extension” policy obsolete will take place at a future meeting.

4. Continued discussion about changing the “Application for Advanced Degree” date from early in the semester of completion versus one year prior to completion as is done with undergraduates.

Current policy requires that the “Application for Advanced Degree” be turned in by set dates the final semester of graduation. Graduate students cannot know a year in advance exactly when they will graduate due to the nature of graduate programs and degree requirements.. The Graduate Council unanimously agreed that turning in the “Application for Advanced Degree” only once a year would not work for graduate students.

5. Continued discussion of requiring a new “Application for Advanced Degree” every semester; and

6. Consideration of advisability of requiring either a $150 “Application for Advanced Degree” fee or requiring a $30 application fee every time the application is processed. ($30 initial charge for the “Application for Advanced Degree” and a charge of $150 on submission of the third or subsequent application. ($150 is the cost to the university of processing every “Application for Advanced Degree”.)

Miller explained that once an “Application for Advanced Degree” is turned in by a student, it starts a complete audit of the student’s file (defended? taken all classes on the Program? acceptable grades?). The CGS notifies departments and students of any graduation deficiencies. Then a similar audit is completed by the Registrar’s office. The problem is that students change their date of graduation from one semester to the next numerous times. The proposal is to impose a financial penalty if a student changes the semester of graduation more than twice (original Application plus one change).

McLeod would like to see an end to the frivolous submission of “Applications for Advanced Degrees” to make the students and departments realize the tremendous amount of work that is involved every time an Application is submitted. McLeod proposed that a $30, non-refundable fee be charged for the third submission of an Application and for every submission thereafter. The proposal of this new policy will be posted for review and comments on the Graduate Council web board.

7. ETD Update—Library has agreed to accept ETDs without an additional paper copy

  • The Library will bear all costs of printing theses and dissertations for Library use.
  • Formatting guide for theses and dissertation is being revised.

The Library will be responsible for archieving the theses and dissertations. If a department or student wants paper copies, they will have to be printed prior to submitting the ETD to CGS.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.