Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
October 27 , 2004


Chair Bruce McLeod, Ken Bowers, Janice Bowman, Patty Holkup (via teleconferencing), Rich Howard, John Lewis, Joe Shaw (for Robert Maher), Warren Jones (for Faculty Council), Maggie Gudatis, Becky Ward, Mary Kay West.

Meeting commenced at 3:10 p.m. in Room 114, Sherrick Hall.

GRADUATE COUNCIL AGENDA ITEMS: (Numbers refer to item numbers on the Agenda)

1. Graduate Council consideration and vote on expanding the number of seats on GC by one which will be for Letters in the College of Letters and Science.

The College of Letters and Science has the most graduate students at MSU. Bowers moved and Bowman seconded and a unanimous vote followed to

Expand the number of seats on GC by one which will be for Letters in the College of Letters and Science.

 7. Discussion of 588 Courses for Professional Development

McLeod stated he had recently discussed the registration of professional development courses (588) with Chuck Nelson of MSU Registrar’s office. The 588s are used for recertification and level changes in employment, and can not be used on Graduate Programs of Study. In order to streamline the registration process (away from Non degree and degree applications), it was suggested that the designation of the courses by changed to “588P” and that they be registered through Extended Studies/Burns Telecom (no longer through the Registrar’s office).

A motion was made by Howard, seconded by Bowman, and voted on unanimously to

Add a “P” to 588 courses and allow them to be taken through Extended Studies/Burns Telecom only, as professional development courses.

 2. Update on Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETDs) statistics

Maggie Gudatis of the College of Graduate Studies handed out printouts showing how frequently MSU electronic theses and dissertations are now being accessed and downloaded, from the U.S. and from countries all over the world. She stated that the student decides the level of access of his/her paper (world wide, MSU only, or holding, due to a pending patent). McLeod emphasized the importance of MSU faculty being aware that almost every MSU thesis or dissertation is now open for world wide access and review.

3. Discussion of how Graduate Council members can help ensure that all faculty and grad students are aware of:

a. Electronic submission is required starting in fall semester, 2004;

b. It is an order of magnitude easier for students to submit their document electronically;

c. The CGS will help students with formatting questions including assisting when students bring in multiple files which they want to submit.

McLeod requested that all members assist in spreading the word about ETDs and their requirements beginning this semester. An email will also be sent out.

4. An update from Warren Jones regarding Faculty Council’s “Academic Affairs Committee”

Jones reported that the AAC is dormant, pending appointment of members.

5. New process for new program requests from the Board of Regents.

 McLeod announced that in the future the Board of Regents may request universities to present a 5 year plan that is a timetable of when they propose to introduce new programs.

McLeod asked members to check the GC Web Board for a discussion of “transfer credits”.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.