Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
November 17, 2004

Present: Chair Bruce McLeod, Ken Bowers, Janice Bowman, Jean Shreffer (for Patty Holkup), Rich Howard, Robert Maher, Ben Meyer, Jenny Miller (CGS), Becky Paye (CGS), and Mary Kay West.

Meeting commenced at 3:10 pm in 114 Sherrick Hall.

GRADUATE COUNCIL AGENDA ITEMS: (Numbers refer to item numbers on the Agenda)

1. Approval of minutes from October 27 th Graduate Council meeting

Bowman moved and Howard seconded to approve the minutes; vote was unanimous.

2. New Board of Regents “Budget Analysis Form” required for all new degree program proposals

McLeod reported that in their September meeting, the Board of Regents approved the requirement of a new Budget Analysis Form (attached) to be part of every new MS, PhD and Certificate Program proposal. The analysis will be of the proposed budget for the first five years of the Program. McLeod requested the Graduate Council members take a copy back to their Colleges and circulate it among their departments.

3. Announcement – Election of Letters representative on the Graduate Council in progress

Miller reported that the ballots had not yet been sent out. Bowers stated that he did not know the current status.

4. Review of College of Graduate Studies Transfer Credit Policy. (Does it need clarification or revision?)

Miller handed out copies of the current CGS “Transferring Credits” policy and “Proposed Policy Change” (attached). She stated that the current CGS policy needed to be updated, to clarify how many transfer credits (including non degree graduate credits) could be used on a MSU Program of Study.

McLeod suggested that the main question should be – Is this a MSU degree? (did the student do the work at MSU?). McLeod handed out a list of 20 universities with their transfer credit policies summarized (attached). Discussion of several different possible scenarios followed. McLeod then requested GC members discuss the topic with their faculty and department heads and to be prepared for further discussion and new policy formation during the next CG meeting in January.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.