Minutes of University Graduate Council
May 10, 2007


Present: Michelle Hardy (AG), John Brittingham (A & A), Priscilla Wisner (BUS), Mark Nelson (EHHD), Robert Maher (ENGR), Carl Fox (DGE), Yves Idzerda (L&S-Science), Rita Cheek (NURS), David Weaver (FC).
          Also attending was MaryKay West (DGE).

Meeting commenced at 8:07 in 103 Sherrick Hall.

UNIVERSITY GRADUATE COUNCIL AGENDA ITEMS: (Numbers refer to item numbers on the Agenda).

----Approval of Minutes for April 26, 2007

Motion:  Michelle motioned to accept the minutes as written; Rob Maher seconded;
        vote was unanimous.

5.  Final Decision on Non-tenured Committee Chairs – Jen Jencso

  1. Nursing is expanding programs, with limited number of tenured faculty
  2. On Plan B (professional clinical projects), want to allow non-tenured faculty to be Chairs
  3. Most nursing students are on Plan A, but nursing is encouraging more Plan Bs
  4. Possibly change designation of “research advisor” to “research chair”
  5. Rita will take idea of co-chair back to Nursing faculty
  6. TABLED until fall.


6.  Proposed Governance Committee Document -- Bob Rydell

  1. Bob Rydell was not present to lead the discussion of the draft document
  2. Carl suggested changing council elections from fall to spring
  3. Possible revisions in wording of items were discussed
  4. The role of the Faculty Council designee and the necessity of discussion and communication between Faculty Council and UGC on key items were discussed
  5. UGC makes recommendations to the Vice Provost of Graduate Education who then presents them to the Provost, for final decision
  6. Rita will take suggested revisions to Bob Rydell.


7.  Meeting with Graduate Coordinators – Carl Fox

  1. CANCELLED until fall
  2. Carl proposed presenting a campus-wide presentation of the state of graduate education at MSU, after Labor Day.


8.  UGC Membership for AY 08    and   9.  Election of UGC Chair

  1. POSTPONED until fall.


10. Tuition Waiver Allocation Policy – Principles – Carl Fox

  1.  Provost Dave Dooley has asked UGC to take a look at the tuition waiver situation
  2. At present, there is no current policy
  3. MSU Tuition Waiver Board and the budget office define the number of tuition waivers, then DGE allocates them to colleges
  4. CONTINUED until fall.


11. Summer Schedule     and     12.  Planning for Fall



13. Common Syllabus Format for Graduate Courses – Carl Fox

  1. POSTPONED until fall.



14. (non Agenda) DGE Section in MSU Catalog

  1. Present catalog has just 2 pages on DGE
  2. Paper catalog is used in recruiting students
  3. DGE will update DGE electronic policies and procedures and present to UGC
  4. CONTINUE in fall.


Meeting adjourned at 10:08 a.m.

Respectfully submitted
MaryKay West