Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Council in Attendance: 
Ahmed Al-Kaisy (Engineering)
Christopher Livingston (Architecture)
Wade Hill (Nursing)
Brock Smith (Agriculture)
Dennis Aig (Arts)
Sobia Anjum (Student Representative)
Lisa Davis (Letters & Science)
Tena Versland (Education)
James Becker (Health & Human Development)
Michael Brody (Faculty Senate)
Marc Giullian (Business)

Also in Attendance:
Lauren Cerretti (Graduate School)

Craig Ogilvie (Dean of The Graduate School)
Susan Kollin (Letters & Science)
Sara Mannheimer (Library)
Que Vo (International Programs)

Meeting started at 11:01 am

Approval of February 19, 2020 Minutes

Motion to approve made by Livingston, 2nd by Aig, unanimously passed


Faculty Senate Update (Brody)

  • Board of Regents meeting in Dillon 3/5/20 (tomorrow)

Old Business

Master of Music in Music Ed revisions (Livingston)

  • Non-thesis track
  • 1 person committee/advisor listed on Program of Study
  • Livingston moves to approve, Davis 2nd, unanimous pass
  • Livingston will draft letter to send to Faculty Senate clarifying committee make-up

Master of Music in Music Tech revisions (Livingston)

  • Non-thesis track
  • 1 person committee/advisor listed on Program of Study
  • Livingston moves to approve, Versland 2nd, unanimous pass
  • Livingston will draft letter to send to Faculty Senate clarifying committee make-up

Discussion re: length of time to review and approve program proposals can be frustrating to departments; any options to ease the situation?

  • UGC meet more often?
  • Advertise how long it can take on UGC web?
  • No decision

PhD in Exercise & Nutrition Sciences (Livingston)

  • Updates noted: Bureau of Labor stats, job opportunities in northwest, admissions requirements, dissertation credits clarified, committee requirements clarified, “considered” versus transfer credits corrected
  • Q: Committee credentials notes “PhD prepared individuals” –what does this mean?
    • Commonly will be tenurable faculty, but may sometimes be Doctor of Physical Therapy or another credentialed individual
  • Livingston moves to approve current proposal (3/2/20 version), Giullian 2nd, unanimous pass

MS in Veterinary Science (Livingston)

  • Does a student have to be in WIMU to complete the MVS?
    • Yes, it looks like there is no separate entry to the MVS—it’s only used as a “stop out” or a credential along the way to the DVM
  • Did they add GS requirements?
    • Partly (admissions info and a general statement “must meet all GS requirements”). UGC should check on language regarding “must receive a Pass grade for all courses”—do they mean a literal P grade? Or “passing” grade?
  • Would all students get the MVS or just those who stop out?
    • Looks like all students could receive the MVS but they have to choose that path as they continue to DVM
  • What if student decides they want the MVS after they’ve left and gone to WA?
    • Could be problematic/extra work if doing a lot of retroactive awarding of degrees
  • Would it be easier to have all students complete the MVS?
    • Opt-out instead of opt-in?
      • Opt-in is standard, extra fees involved, extra paperwork, etc.
  • Could we ask for more comparison info? The programs they list seem to be more definitive masters (courses & research) versus the proposal, which is 30 credits/first year of the DVM program
    • UGC wants discipline-specific information
    • Q: Would MSU be the only school nationally offering MVS for first year of DVM school?
    • It is common at MSU for master’s programs to be courses only, en route or otherwise
  • Proposal seems light compared to others UGC reviews
  • Q: Is there Graduate School en route policy?
    • Not specifically, but policy regarding use of credits in the doctoral program that affects en route students
  • Q: Is it possible a student could complete the courses and continue in the DVM even if don’t meet GS GPA policy and therefore cannot earn the MVS?
    • Technically, possibly.
  • Livingston: How do we want to proceed?
    • Do we want Dr. Quinn to come to next meeting or do we want to send further questions to him?
      • What are the questions we want to ask?
        • Would MSU be the only school offering the MVS with courses only?
        • Can they provide labor/demand statistics for the MVS credential?
        • Enhance learning outcomes
      • Agreement to invite Dr. Quinn to next UGC meeting (4/1) (Livingston will invite)


Graduate Certificate for Dual Enrollment Mathematics Teachers, proposal (Livingston)

  • Response from Math regarding why 9 credits
    • Because it matches state requirement to teach dual enrollment
    • Did they say why they want to create a certificate vs just continuing teaching the classes?
      • Having the certificate might be better optics for a teacher looking to meet the dual enrollment teaching requirement
  • Does UGC want to allow 9 credits for a certificate?
    • No official GS policy on lower limit for a certificate (Nursing has a 10 credit certificate)
    • 9 seems low—below 12 seems too low
    • Trying to match state certification seems moot
    • General agreement that 12 is a good number but that a GS policy should exist
  • Livingston will email Dean Ogilvie about UGC discussion and Council will discuss at next meeting


Adjourned at 12:04 pm

Next scheduled meeting – April 1, 2020 LJ 325