Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Council in Attendance: 
Ahmed Al-Kaisy (Engineering)
Christopher Livingston (Architecture)
Brock Smith (Agriculture)
Dennis Aig (Arts)
Lisa Davis (Letters & Science)
Tena Versland (Education)
James Becker (Health & Human Development)
Michael Brody (Faculty Senate)
Craig Ogilvie (Dean of The Graduate School)
Susan Kollin (Letters & Science)
Sara Mannheimer (Library)
Sobia Anjum (Student Representative)
Marc Giullian (Business)
Wade Hill (Nursing)

Also in Attendance:
Lauren Cerretti (Graduate School)

Que Vo (International Programs) 

Meeting started at 11:05 am on Webex

Approval of April 1, 2020 Minutes

Motion to approve made by Livingston, 2nd by Aig, unanimously passed


Faculty Senate Update (Brody)

  • Working with upper administration on how to complete student evaluations and peer evaluations for promotion and tenure
    • Faculty will have to opt-in for evaluations from department, not required
  • Asked administration for consistent and streamlined communications
    • Have asked faculty how they would like to receive information over the summer while they are off contract. Understand it will be difficult; want to know how best to keep faculty informed
  • Next Faculty Senate meeting is next week

Old Business

DEMT-CERT, Graduate Certificate for Dual Enrollment Mathematics Teachers, proposal (Livingston)

  • Math responded to UGC questions
    • Making the certificate 12 credits could confuse students because state requirement is 9, might make MSU look less appealing than other schools offering the courses for dual enrollment certification
    • Hoping to work toward stackable credentials
    • Montana school districts do not pay for graduate credits
  • Suggestion: approve at 9 but ask policy committee to craft policy language to indicate certs are generally 12 credits but exceptions can be made for state requirements or other reasons
  • Some agreement. More attractive to students, more marketable, keeps MSU competitive with other institutions.
  • Some disagreement. Certificate requirements and state requirements are different. What is the reason to meet state requirements?
    • If students take 9 credits as non-degree, they can still use those 9 credits toward a future degree at MSU
  • Timing makes this unlikely to be reviewed by Faculty Senate this semester due to their workload
  • Suggestion to move ahead and call for a motion
  • Livingston moves to approve certificate, Aig second
    • Vote: 9 pass, 1 abstain
    • Versland suggests policy committee write 12 credit policy for fall

MVS-MS, MS in Veterinary Science (Livingston)

  • Emailed Mark Quinn meeting minutes and questions from Council
  • Revisions submitted to CiM by proposer
    • Indicates all classes are taken P/F and this is a national standard
      • MVS would be only grad program all P/F at MSU (GS normal policy limit is 3 cr)
      • Proposal notes their students come in with an average gpa of 3.6
    • Learning outcomes were not addressed in new version, UGC had asked for more info; learning outcomes seem lower level than a graduate learning outcome
      • Does Council want to see modified learning outcomes before a vote?
    • Does Council want to vote or wait?
    • Livingston moves to approve with suggestion to add detail to learning outcomes, Aig second, unanimous pass

New Business

Draft process for graduate courses to have registration holds (Ogilvie)

  • Any comments, email Dean Ogilvie

Adjourned at 12:04 pm

Next scheduled meeting – April 29, Webex