Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Council in Attendance:
Ahmed Al-Kaisy (Engineering)
Christopher Livingston (Architecture)
Wade Hill (Nursing)
Brock Smith (Agriculture)
Dennis Aig (Arts)
Sobia Anjum (Student Representative)
Lisa Davis (Letters & Science)
Tena Versland (Education)
James Becker (Health & Human Development)
Michael Brody (Faculty Senate)
Robert Rydell (Letters & Science)
Craig Ogilvie (Dean of The Graduate School)
Que Vo (International Programs)
Anne Christensen (Business)
Jason Clark (Library)

Also in Attendance:
Lauren Cerretti (Graduate School)
Emily Peters (Graduate School)
Randy Babbitt (Physics)
David Parker (Political Science)
Liz Shanahan (Political Science)

Sara Mannheimer (Library)

Meeting started at 1:01 pm

Approval of October 2, 2019 Minutes

Motion to approve made by Livingston, 2nd by Davis, unanimously passed


Faculty Senate Update (Brody):

  • Discussed curriculum reviews, workload policy, relationship policy, creation of centers
    • Committee developed guidelines for approving centers at faculty senate level; recommending university wide policy for approving centers
    • Relationship policy: proposed policy prohibits relationships between faculty and any graduate student in their department

Welcome to Anne Christensen (Business): Anne Christensen will be filling in for Marc Giullian (Business) for the remainder of the semester

Old Business

Integrated MS in Optics & Photonics (Aig/Livingston): Randy Babbitt in attendance to address questions about the proposal

  • One of the Council’s concerns was the number of 4xx level credits. Graduate School policy states that no more than 9 credits of 4xx are allowed – this language should be built into the proposal.
    • Response: This is accepted by the proposers. Agreed to 6 credits of 4xx level.
    • Clarification: If the standard curriculum has 6 credits of 4xx level, that could give students/advisors more flexibility to add another 4xx level class on a case-by-case basis, but this is not required. The program has the flexibility to decide whether to structure the program with 6 or 9 credits of 4xx -- cannot exceed 9 credits of 4xx.
  • Q: What is the reasoning for double counting credits?
    • A: This language was borrowed from a different curriculum, but the proposers reviewed it and decided to remove double counting credits.
  • Q: Is the committee okay with 12 reserved credits?
    • A: Yes
  • A letter of support from Physics, and any program impacted by this proposal, would be helpful to add
    • Proposers will add a letter of support from Physics to the proposal
  • Council requested an appendix added with list of courses
    • Proposers will add a course list to the proposal in CiM
  • Discussion on the importance of advising 4+1 students early. Currently rely on undergraduate advisors to recommend students to the 4+1 programs.
    • It will be a job for the 4+1 curriculum task force to improve the 4+1 transition, better advertisement, etc.
  • Randy Babbitt will make these changes and resubmit through the CiM system. Livingston will send the revised version to the committee. UGC will vote on the revised version at the next meeting.

PhD in Public Policy & Administration (Livingston): Liz Shanahan and David Parker in attendance to address questions about the proposal

  • Liz Shanahan responds to some of the suggestions UGC sent the proposers:
    • Agree to change the terminology of exams to “comprehensive exams” to align with terminology in Graduate School policy
    • Agree to require a chair from the Political Science department
      • Clarification from Council: Co-chairs are a great option to encourage collaboration but avoid the potential challenges of having a chair from a different department
    • Agree to reorder the milestone timeline: 2nd semester identify chair, 3rd semester form committee and then submit the program of study
    • Course sharing was a great suggestion but is harder to address in the proposal; some of the existing classes do not cover everything needed – for example, Ed Stats does not have survey component; would like to have a campus wide conversation about some of these courses and the possibilities of creating shared courses across the social sciences
      • Q: How does Council want to see this addressed in the proposal?
      • A: This can remain unchanged in the proposal. When the proposal leaves UGC, the committee can include a letter stating full support of the program and note that there will be future discussions on how some of these courses could be shared.
      • The existing College Teaching course would work for these PSCI students. Department Head, Tricia Seifert, has stated that the existing course could accommodate the additional students.
        • Proposers will update this class to the education rubric in their proposal
      • There is urgency with this proposal. Have been working on it for 3+ years. Goal is to get it on BOR agenda for January or March.
        • University of Montana is proposing an online PhD in Public Affairs
        • These two programs are very different, but UM is arguing that they will be competing for the same students
        • Review of differences: MSU’s program is in Public Policy – have completed extensive market-based research that this is where jobs are for graduates; UM’s program is in Public Affairs; UM’s program is online; MSU is an R1 university
        • Public Policy PhD program is in line with MSU’s strategic plan
        • The new PhD program will help with undergraduate retention
        • Program has backing/funding from Provost, Dean, The Graduate School, and VPREDGE
      • Proposers will update proposal as soon as possible. Livingston will send revised proposal to Council for review. Council can complete an electronic vote and forward the proposal to Faculty Senate.
        • UGC voting members should send their votes to Al-Kaisy and Livingston

Committee Reports

  • Chair Al-Kaisy asks new members Wade Hill (Nursing) and Lisa Davis (Letters & Science) if they would be willing to fill the two vacant spots on the Policy and Procedures Committee
    • Hill and Davis agree to join the committee

Adjourned at 2:01 pm

Next scheduled meeting – October 30, 2019 Reid 415