Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes
October 13 , 1998


Graduate Council Members

Sue Blodgett , College of Agriculture (Entomology)
Ken Bowers , College of Letters & Science (Mathematics)
Dan Hertz , College of Business
Ralph Johnson , College of Arts & Architecture (Architecture)
Bruce McLeod , Graduate Dean
John Sears , College of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
Craig Stewart , College of Education, Health & Human Development (HHD)
Therese Sullivan , College of Nursing
Joseph Fedock, Interim Graduate Dean


Present:   Ken Bowers, Bruce McLeod, Craig Stewart, Therese Sullivan, Rebecca Ward, Sandy Mueller

Item 1: Proposed New Plant Sciences Department

Luther Talbert explained why and how the two departments, Plant Pathology and Plant, Soils, & Environmental Sciences (PSES) split. The two departments will become Plant Sciences, and Land Resources Environmental Sciences (LRES).

Plant Sciences will be responsible for the following graduate degrees:

Master of Science in Agronomy

Master of Science in Plant Pathology

Doctor of Philosophy in Crop & Soil Science

Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Pathology

These new structures would more correctly reflect the emphasis of each degree. Current students may stay with the program as started, or request to be changed to the new program. A student's home department will be determined by their advisor's department. All students entering just prior to the start of the new programs (pending BOR approval), will be advised to enter into one of the new programs. There would be no changes to the TA status, currently there are two (2) at most. All others are RA's, which would stay as such. There are no budget or cost changes to administer these programs.

Motion made by Bruce McLeod to approve changes as submitted.

Motion seconded by Sue Blodgett.

All were in favor of approval.

Item 2: Proposed New Master of Arts in English Program

Sara Jayne Steen explained the development of this new program. She also indicated she had been in touch with The University of Montana. The Master of Arts in English would be a 30-credit hours program, intended for full time students who would also serve as Graduate Teaching Assistants. Most of the students in the program would be coming in from the undergraduate program, others would be English teachers. Ms. Steen explained that the TA positions would free up tenure track positions which would be used to instruct graduate courses. Therefore, there will not be any budget changes.

Council questioned and requested further documentation for cutoff gpa for applicants, standards for international students, and minimum GRE requirements.

Council tabled proposal until issues are resolved. Members would like to thoroughly review all issues once re-submitted. Council will review and provide comments, and will try to address all concerns in a reasonable time frame.

Item 3: Proposed New Master of Arts in Native American Studies Program

Walter Fleming was present to answer questions and concerns on this new proposal. Many of the questions and concerns of the Council Mr. Fleming could not address, but would take to Wayne Stein to address. Concerns of the Council include how program will be funded, application requirements, international application requirements, GRE requirements, and TA funding, as well as core courses in the program which do not seem to be enough to justify the program.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Graduate Council Meeting - Minutes October 13 , 1998