The Graduate School hosts a "Coffee Talk" session at least once a semester. These informal meetings for faculty and staff of degree granting departments are a time to discuss new items, ask questions, and talk about graduate education on campus.

September 8, 2023 Meeting

  1. CollegeNET
    1. Workflow
    2. Different views with Legacy and Updated UI: Know that if you are working in the updated UI and are not finding a process you are used to; the Legacy View is still active. We have found that many admins and graduate coordinators need to use the Legacy View over the Updated UI view.
    3. Processing
      1. Waitlisting: If you are interested in waitlisting applicants, we created a method that you can do this in CollegeNET, including emailing them with a generalized statement (that you can amend) and tagging the application so you can track them. Email [email protected] and we will provide directions. 
      2. Denying Applicants: We encourage your office to push denials out with a denial statement as soon as you know that the person cannot be admitted. Please do not wait till weeks or a month before the start of the applicant term. Denial statements appear in the middle of the text in the denial letter; you do not need to put a salutation on the statement.  If you need some denial-type statements, please contact the [email protected] for suggestions. 
      3. Processing applications: Made application decisions as soon as you can; lean on the G.S. if you have questions about an offer or what communications you should provide. Use the "Department Specific Text" area in CNet to write something DIRECTLY onto the offer (or denial) letter. If you do, you are writing directly to the applicant.
      4. If your program requires that students secure a faculty advisor prior to applying, we suggest updating your webpage to indicate what Faculty is taking students: This will help cut down on unnecessary emails going to faculty wo are not taking students. 
    1. The Graduate Schools CRM system: Prospect
      1. Currently the G.S. has inquiry links that can be found on Program/departments Splash Pages. When an interested student completes the inquiry, their name and information enter the CRM system. They will begin to receive an assortment of email communications (i.e., Drip Campaign), including an initial one on the program/department. The department will also receive an email with details on how to contact the interested person. 
      2. In the future, we will host a Prospect specific training for programs/departments who would like to learn more about this system. 
  1. Graduate Fair information: You should all be receiving invites requesting to participate. Please see this page for our updated Graduate Fair where potential students can register:
  2. MSU Junior/Senior Night: This year, it will be held on November 2nd. We invite all MSU Juniors and Seniors to a general session to learn more about applying for graduate school. The event has a graduate student panel, individuals from offices across campus to help answer questions, as well as pizza. Watch for updates on this, with registration links and more.

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