All information presented here comes from a database of campus-wide committees maintained by the Office of Planning and Analysis. The database includes faculty and staff committees with an institutional focus; it does not include student committees, college committees, or departmental committees. A council participates in governance, a committee has an ongoing advisory function, a board has a decision-making function, and a task force has a specific charge to accomplish in a specified amount of time.

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Assessment and Outcomes Committee
Core Curriculum Committee
Curriculum & Program Committee
Teaching Excellence Action Committee (TEACh)
Honors College Internal Advisory Committee
University Seminar Steering Committee
University Teacher Education Committee (UTEC)
Admission and Graduation Requirements Board
Core Equivalency Review Board
Residency Appeals Board
Scholastic Appeals Board
Parking Appeals Board
Campus Technology
Computer Fee Allocation Committee
Equipment Fee Allocation Committee
Commemorative Tributes Committee
Commencement Committee
Strategic Enrollment Management Committee
Honorary Degree Committee
Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee
Technical Antenna Committee
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