Students: SAS offers a FREE version of their software called SAS University Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux. Downloads and Installation guides can be found at this link: Please note, support for installation is provided from SAS directly. 

Employees: MSU holds a campus license for SAS that allows employees to purchase the software at a discounted price

This purchased version of the software can be installed on University Owned devices and can be installed and used at home on personal devices.

 SAS does not offer a MacOSX options for this version of SAS. 

To purchase please submit a ticket to the UIT Service Desk at [email protected]


SaS University Addition for FREE
SAS University Edition contains a subset of all the functionality in SAS Foundation and uses SAS Studio as the interface to SAS. Products such as SAS/GRAPH, SAS/IML Studio, and SAS/SECURE, along with many SAS Studio tasks, are not included. There are additional limitations due to the nature of the vApp environment.

For more information about SAS University Addition click on this link:



Watch SAS Tutorials on Yout Tube at this link: