Alpha Gamma Rho

AGRThe world needs a few good men. The kind of men who lead by the example of their character and the value of their actions. For more than 100 years, Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity has successfully endeavored to make such men taking the best and making them better by helping to harness the power within each man to achieve his potential.

Alpha Gamma Rho is actually two fraternities in one. We're a social fraternity offering a host of experiences that involve our members in the rich social fabric of college life, plus we're a professional fraternity bonding our members in a common cause to better themselves as they pursue careers in agriculture, food or fiber industries.

For every man, the road to personal excellence offers both trial and triumph. The road is never easy. But in AGR, you'll find a group of men of brothers dedicated to helping each other find triumph on that road.

Come with us. Share the journey.

Chapter Update

There has been a lot of good things going at AGR recently. Last fall we activated 13 new members whom we couldn’t be more excited to see become leaders on this campus. We are still working on the campaign for the new house remodel. Testy Fest was a success again and we made around $2,000 last fall. We hosted a dinner last fall with Waded Cruzado, and many other distinguished guests on campus were also in attendance. Things are looking great around the house and we couldn’t be more excited for the direction that we are headed towards.


Nickname AGR (The Agricultural Fraternity)
Philanthropy United Way, Montana FFA Foundation, and Farm Rescue
Address 1707 Greek Way
Bozeman, MT 59717
Phone (406) 690-0572
Local Chapter Website
National Website
Recruitment Chair John Walker