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The success of the Montana Dietetic Internship is dependent on the work and collaboration of many people across the state of Montana.  MDI has a director and an assistant director who are housed at Montana State University along with program faculty who also serve as preceptors.  Beyond MSU, MDI preceptors work in facilities located in three different Montana regions in clinical, community and food service management.  MDI also has an advisory board that includes MSU administrators, faculty, and preceptors representing different practice areas of dietetics.

MDI Program Faculty at MSU

MDI Advisory Board

The advisory board meets annually to review program mission, goals, outcomes, and evaluation data.  Board members make recommendations related to improving and refining the program and its policies and procedures, based on information presented by the MDI program director.   Advisory board members include MSU program faculty and administrators, and MDI preceptors representing all areas of dietetic practice.