Current History Graduate Students

M.A. Students

Lerick Allen

Tyler Campbell

Research Interests: American Environmental History

Marsha Christensen

Kerri Clement

Patrick Collier

Mary MacLean

Sasha Rife

Tim Turnquist

Andrea Yaeger

Research Interests: Global Environmental History, American West

Ph.D. Students

Jeffrey Bartos

Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century U.S. history, with a focus on private detective agencies, mining, militarism, and finance in the American West

Clinton Colgrove

Research Interests: History of Science, Pre-20th Century Science in America and Europe, Mapping Science in America and Europe, History of Science Education

Jennifer Dunn

Research Interests:

Michael Fox

Research Interests: Museum History

Betsy Gaines-Quammen

Research Interests: Religion and Environmental History

Cheryl Hendry

Research Interests: Environmental History and US West

Jill Mackin

Research Interests: Métis/Cree/Chippewa history, food & life ways; historical geography; digital mapping; environmental history; Indigenous & scientific epistemologies.

Kelsey Matson

Research Interests: Environmental and technological history of the 19th and 20th-century American West, Energy consumption and electrification in rural areas, Architecture and landscape architecture

Natalie Scheidler

Research Interests: Women and Gender in the US

Gary Sims

Research Interests: History of World War II, Naval Weapon Technology

Graduate Mentor Program Coordinator

The mentor's job is to answer questions new graduate students may have about the History Department Program or the faculty. Our two Graduate Mentor Program Coordinators are Reed Knappe, a current M.A. student, and Clinton Colgrove, a current PhD student.