M.A. Students

Lerick Allen

Tyler Campbell

Research Interests: American Environmental History

Marsha Christensen

Kerri Clement

Patrick Collier

Mary MacLean

Sasha Rife

Tim Turnquist

Andrea Yaeger

Research Interests: Global Environmental History, American West

Ph.D. Students

Jeffrey Bartos

Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century U.S. history, with a focus on private detective agencies, mining, militarism, and finance in the American West

Clinton Colgrove

Research Interests: History of Science, Pre-20th Century Science in America and Europe, Mapping Science in America and Europe, History of Science Education

Jennifer Dunn

Research Interests:

Michael Fox

Research Interests: Museum History

Betsy Gaines-Quammen

Research Interests: Religion and Environmental History

Cheryl Hendry

Research Interests: Environmental History and US West

Jill Mackin

Research Interests: Métis/Cree/Chippewa history, food & life ways; historical geography; digital mapping; environmental history; Indigenous & scientific epistemologies.

Kelsey Matson

Research Interests: Environmental and technological history of the 19th and 20th-century American West, Energy consumption and electrification in rural areas, Architecture and landscape architecture

Natalie Scheidler

Research Interests: Women and Gender in the US

Gary Sims

Research Interests: History of World War II, Naval Weapon Technology