New Students

If you've already been accepted to MSU, you'll need to attend an orientation session. At your orientation session, you'll speak with the Student Services Coordinator, and if available, faculty members.

You'll register for classes at your orientation session. Before you register, you'll speak with an advisor in the department to talk about degree requirements, and answer any questions you have.


We hold an Advising Week the week before registration starts (see Registrar's handbook for dates). Students can come in and meet with professors, ask questions and get their pin. We start annoucing Advising Week generally about 2-3 weeks before it actually starts, so keep an eye out for emails, Facebook posts and flyers.

You can find your advisor by logging into DegreeWorks, and looking in the big blue box at the top. Your advisor will be listed in the Advisor row. 

To get your registration pin, you'll need to meet with an advisor. We hold Advising Week in October and March. If you miss advising week, you'll either need to make an appointment with the Student Services Coordinator, or meet with your faculty advisor.

If you have no advisor listed at all in Degree Works, or on MyInfo, please contact us at 406-994-4395, or by emailing

If you switched majors and your advisor is showing as someone from your previous department, please contact us at 406-994-4395, or by emailing

Please contact the department at 406-994-4395, or by emailing to talk about your minor advisor.

If you feel more comfortable talking with a specific faculty member, or your current advisor is gone (i.e. on sabbatical, research trips etc.) please feel free to meet with another advisor. If you have questions about who is advising, or another person who fits with your research interests, please contact us at 406-994-4395, or by emailing

If you're thinking about switching majors, you should make an appointment with the Student Services Coordinator to talk about your options. We also encourage you to talk to a faculty member about changing majors. If you decide that changing majors is the right decision for you, you can speak with the Student Services Coordinator to complete the paperwork.

Transfer Students

Transfer students have an orientation session at the beginning of every semester. Information is included in your Admissions packet, or can be found by clicking here. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with a department advisor, please contact us at 406-994-4395 or by emailing

Once you're admitted, the Office of Admissions will review your transcript for direct equivalents. If you have courses that do not transfer as direct equivalents, please contact the department and we will review them as well make exceptions as necessary.

At your orientation meeting, the department will talk about advising, and assign you a faculty advisor then. 

Please click here to find more information about transferring to Montana State University.

If you're trying to transfer to another university besides MSU, please contact that university directly. If you need something (like syllabi or course descriptions) please contact us at 406-994-4395 or by emailing

Studying Abroad

The best place to start is the Study Abroad website

Before you register for classes, you'll want to work with your faculty advisor and the Student Services Coordinator to figure out what classes will fulfill degree requirements. You'll also want to contact the university you'll be attending abroad to find out what classes are being offered.

Now that you're back, you'll want to make sure that your transcripts from your university abroad are sent to Montana State. They often have their own proceses, so be sure to double check before you leave. Once you get back, your transcript will be routed from the Study Abroad office to the Registrar who will then add the transcript to your files. Once the classes show up in Degree Works, the department can make exceptions.