This is not a complete list of theses, professional papers or dissertations. Please contact the History & Philosophy if you are looking for something in particular.

Robert Gardner (2013)


Technological Forests: Engineering Nature with Tree Planting on the Great Plains, 1870-1944

E. Jerry Jessee ( 2013)


Radiation Ecologies: Bombs, Bodies, and Environment During the Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Period, 1942-1965

Derek Akin ( 2013)

Vigilantes and Desperadoes: Sectionalism in Civil War Montana

Jeffrey Bartos ( 2013)

The Blight of the Federation: James McParland, The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, and The Western Federation of Miners, 1892-1907

Chad Freitag ( 2013)

Cold Warriors and Vietnam: Mike Mansfield's Role in American Foreign Policy

Bryan Sciulli (2013)

Seeing Like A Corporation: The World's Columbian Exposition Company

Gary Sims (2013)

Damn the Torpedoes: The Creation of Knowledge During World War II

Craig Townsend (2013)

The Struggle to Build a Railroad to Cooke City Montana

Paul Sivitz ( 2012)


Communication and Community: Moving Scientific Knowledge in Britain and America, 1732-1782

Diane Smith ( 2012)


Animals and Artifacts: Specimen Exchanges and Displays in Yellowstone National Park, the National Museum, and the National Zoo, 1846 to 1916

Brad Snow ( 2012)


Living with Lead: An Environmental History of the Coeur D'Alenes, 1885-2011

Kris Gayer ( 2012)

Alex Manigault ( 2012)

Kelly Kirk ( 2011)

State of Change: Gender and the 1972 MT Constitutional Convention

Jacob Rubow ( 2010)

The Province of the Geologist

Francis Johnson ( 2008)

Lines of Copper, Tears and Glass

Walker Asserson ( 2007)

The Economist in the Garden

Michael Wise ( 2007)

Wolves and Whiskey

Erin Meyer ( 2006)

"To Grace Your Face" with Halo Pearls: Class-based Advertising to Women in the "Slicks" and Pulps

Merri Ketterer ( 2006)

Stereoscoping Race and Gender in Virginia City

Sunday Walker-Kuntz ( 2006)

Land, Life and Femme Sole: Women Homesteaders

Jen Brown ( 2005)

Hatcheries, Hybrids and the Creation of a Heralded Blue Ribbon Trout Stream

Charissa Fuhrman (2005)

Atomic BA: The Loss of Nuclear Expertise in the Cold War

Susan Martin ( 2005)

Pumps in the Woods: History of Women's Uniforms in the National Park Service

Bridgette Case (2004)

The Women's Protective Union

Shannon Hope ( 2004)

Walking A Crooked Line: Alvin M. Joesephy Jr.

Shannon Ongaro ( 2004)

The Historical Power of the Imagination

Miles Travis ( 2004)

Mixed Messeges: Thomas Calloway and the American Negro Exhibit of 1900

Matthew White ( 2004)

Requiem the Night: The Nocturnes of Frederic Remington and the Dawn of the 20th Century

Molly Holz ( 2003)

The Minutemen Missiles in Montana

Sharyn Sears ( 2003)

An Insatiable Hunger: Fashion, Leisure and the Appetite for Animals

Kathleen Werner ( 2003)

Mobilizing the Rural Home Front: The Extention, Montana Women, and World War II

Joshua Kelly ( 2002)

America's Laboratory: Yellowstone's Forgotten Tradition

Cora Larson ( 2002)

Cattle Grazing and Public Lands in the American West 1865-Present

Chris Rodi ( 2002)

Reclaiming the Possibility of Historical Accuracy

Rusty Hawkins ( 2001)

Eugenics in the Treasure State: Montana's Buried Past

April Fosdick ( 1999)

Early Strategies for Women's Rights

James Jenks ( 1999)

Judging Poverty: Institutional Poverty Relief in Gallatin County During the Nineteenth Century

Jennifer Dunn ( 1998)

Defining the Other: Southern, Central and Eastern European Immigrants in Butte Montana 1900-1920

Rachel Fleming ( 1997)

World War II Prisoners of Conscience

Peggy Riley ( 1996)

Women of the Great Falls African Methodist Episcopal Church

Delbert Van Denberg ( 1996)

Building Castles in the Air: Andreas Wormser, Immigrant Locator and Land Developer

Zane Fullbright ( 1994)

Miners, Movers and Moldboards:The Settlement of the Castle Mountains

Molly McAuliffe ( 1993)

Playing by Men's Rules: Montana's Rodeo Cowgirls of Yesterday and Today

Lindsey Miller ( 1993)

Evolution of a Civil Libertarian: Burton K. Wheeler 1910-1918

E. Derek Strahn ( 1992)

Asking for Survival: The Environmental Implications of Cultural Revitalization of the Fort Belknap Reservation

Joseph Weixelman ( 1992)

The Power to Evoke Wonder: Native Americans and the Geysers of Yellowstone National Park

Martha Foster (1991)

Of Baggage and Bondage: Gender and Status Among Hitdatsa and Crow Women

Jeffrey Sinnott (1991)

Television, Translators, and the Second Class TV Citizen: A Montana Case Study 1955-1970

Micki Sue Abercrombie

Rise and Fall of the National Farmer's Union as a Liberal Force During the Cold War Era

Travis Annette

Where the Buffalo Roam: The Migration of the French Red River Metis to Lewistown, MT

Kevin Conradt

Weather in Montana History

Peter Holman

Unintended Consquences: How the Crow Indians Used Their Education in Ways the Government Never Intended 1885-1920