Rick Bass delivered the 2013 Stegner Lecture
Rick Bass delivered the 2013 Stegner Lecture

March 25, 2015

Mark Fiege, Elegant Conservation: Rediscovering a Way Forward in a Time of Unprecedented Uncertainty

April 12, 2013

Rick Bass, The Landscape of Imagination
You can watch the lecture on MSU's YouTube channel by clicking here.

April 11, 2012

An Evening with Sherry Smith

March 9, 2011

An Evening with Terry Tempest Williams

April 23, 2009

An Evening with Peter Matthiessen

March 4, 2010

An Evening with Sylvia Earle

February 28, 2008

David Quammen, The Devil You Don’t Know: Cancer as an Infectious Disease

October 11, 2007

David Quammen, Thirteen Dead Gorillas: Zoonotic Disease and the Future of Human Health

March 28, 2007

David Quammen, Darwin and Religion

September 18, 2006

Donald Worster, Water and Empire in the American West: Past, Present, and Future

April 16, 2006

Richard White, The Transcontinental Railroads and the Making of Western Modernity

April 15, 2005

William Cronon, Saving Nature in Time: The Past and Future of Environmentalism

April 15, 1999

T.H. Watkins, The Land Ethic: The Utterance of an American Isaiah

April 16, 1998

Ann H. Zwinger, Writing the Wild: Landscape in Fiction and Non-Fiction

April 14, 1994

Jeffrey and Patricia Limerick, Living Right in the Rockies – The Impact of Wallace Stegner’s Thought on Western Architecture