Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) are awarded based on merit, departmental funding, academic performance prior to entering the program and prior performance as a GTA (for current GTAs seeking continuing funding), and are determined by the faculty and Graduate Committee as a whole.

Incoming or prospective graduate students who wish to be considered for GTA must submit their other graduate application materials to the office no later than February 15, for the Fall semester. Calls with detailed instructions will be sent out to those who have met the deadline to be considered for a GTA for the academic year in which they seek admission.

GTA positions typically include a 6-credit tuition fee waiver and a semester stipend. GTAs are expected to work 19 hours per week at their teaching assignments. GTAs work closely with their assigned instructor throughout the term of their assistanship. Under typical circumstances, teaching assistants will teach four, 50 minute sections of discussion for a history 100-level course. Discussion sections normally have 25 students each. All teaching assistants are required to attend the orientation offered by the Graduate School and the training sessions provided by the Department in the fall of each academic year.

Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistantships are occasionally available to students. GRAs are assigned projects by their supervising faculty, with specific duties and hours specified in their contracts.

GRA appointments do not receive fee waivers.

Email the Program Coordinator for more information regarding qualifications and requirements for Teaching and Research Assistantships.

Additional information about GTAs and GRAs at MSU is available at The Graduate School website: