The Michael P. Malone Memorial Conferences are held bi-annually in honor of Dr. Mike Malone, the tenth president of Montana State University and one of the state's preeminent historians, as well as a previous Department Chair of the History and Philosophy Department.

2016 Michael P. Malone Conference: Wild Animals in the Wild West

Wednesday, October 12 through Saturday, October 15, 2016

Public Events held on Friday, October 14 and Saturday October 15 - see public events schedule for details:

Wild Animals in the Wild West - Public Events Schedule

MSU Graduate Student and Faculty Events:

Wild Animals in the Wild West - MSU Graduate Student & Faculty Schedule

If you are not an MSU graduate student or faculty but would like to attend graduate student & faculty events, please contact Kori or Katie at 406-994-4395; we will do our best to reserve you a spot.

Conference Keynote Lecture: Saturday, October 15, 2016: 6:00 pm 

Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium

Peter Godfrey-Smith to speak on "Consciousness and Animal Evolution" Watch Online

Robert Lurz to speak on "Appearance-Reality Discrimination, Introspection, and Theory-of-Mind in Chimpanzees" Watch Online







Malone Conference 2016




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