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Call for Papers

Annual Georgia State Student Philosophy Symposium
Friday January 22nd, 2016

Keynote speaker: Professor William G. Lycan, Department of Philosophy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: “A Defense of Moral Facts”

Undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines encouraged to submit their work on any philosophical topic.

PRIZES: Authors of the best graduate and undergraduate papers will each receive a prize valued at approximately $75 worth of books.

Submission Requirements: Papers must be prepared for blind review (i.e., no author-identifying information or notes in the body of the paper, only on a separate the cover page). Submissions must not exceed 3750 words (roughly 25 minutes reading time). When submitting, please include the following in the body of the email.

1. Author’s name
2. Paper/presentation title
3. Brief abstract (~100 words describing topic discussed in paper)
4. Academic status (undergraduate/graduate), major, university affiliation
5. Regularly checked email address

Authors should email their submission as a Word or PDF attachment to:

Deadline: Papers must be received no later than 12 Noon, December 20th, 2015. Notification of acceptance will be emailed by January 5, 2016.

Official rules and further details:

For any questions (including queries from students traveling from outside the area who may need overnight accommodations) – contact Andrew Vierra: avierra1[at]student[dot]gsu[dot]edu

Sponsored by the Zeta Chapter (Georgia) of Phi Sigma Tau, The Center for Ethics – Student Forum, and The Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics – all at Georgia State University [Atlanta, GA]









Stance seeks undergraduate philosophy students to serve as external reviewers. This is an exciting pre-professional learning opportunity. Reviewers hone their writing, researching, and reviewing skills by serving on a groundbreaking journal. Reviewers must have advanced undergraduate experience in philosophy, strengths in writing and editing, and the self-motivation necessary to complete work by given deadlines. As such, in addition to this application form, one letter of recommendation is required.

Chosen reviewers will be given one of two opportunities. Most will be External Reviewers and will be responsible for reviewing one or two papers in early January. A few will be selected to serve as Assistant Editorial Board Members on our review teams. Assistant Editorial Board Members will consider approximately 20 papers in December. All reviewers receive training material that explains what is expected in the formal review. Reviewers will also be credited in both the print and electronic versions of the journal.

If you are interested, please provide us with the following information:


Name of School:

Year in School:


Philosophy Courses Taken:

What is your specialty or concentration?

What experience do you have that would qualify you for this project?

What goals do you have that working on Stance will support?

What, in your opinion, are the makings of a good philosophy paper?

Students should:

(1) return this application to "External Reviewer Application" as the subject heading) and

(2) arrange for a philosophy professor to send a letter of recommendation to "LOR" as the subject heading for recommendation letter).

For more information see

Deadline: October 8, 2015


Stance seeks your help to get better acquainted with an external reviewer applicant. Reviewers must have advanced undergraduate experience in philosophy, strong writing and editing skills, and the self-motivation necessary to meet deadlines. Please speak to the following questions in your letter. Thank you for assisting us in making this important decision.

Name of Student:

How does this student handle deadlines?

Has this student demonstrated a level of writing proficiency such that s/he can develop a useful anonymous review?

Has this student demonstrated the good judgment necessary for writing positive, constructive reviews of peers?

Does this student have sufficient experience in philosophy to provide substantive criticism of undergraduate manuscripts or the self-motivation necessary to conduct independent research to develop enough expertise to provide criticism?

Recommendations should contain “LOR” within the subject heading and be returned directly to us at

Deadline: October 8, 2015