Frequently Asked Questions from Agents

How do I become an agent at Montana State University?

We have a very selective process and only work with a few top agents in each region.  The first step is to complete our Prospective Agent Application form and submit it to  A committee will assess your application and conduct reference checks before making a decision.

Do you pay commissions?

Yes, we pay a standard 10% commission to contracted agents for the first two semester’s tuition at MSU.   Our ACE Language Institute also pays a commission for students that study ESL prior to University study.  That requires an additional contract with ACE directly.  If you are interested in applying for their contract as well, please contact Kyle Louie at:

Who should I contact if I have general questions about our contract, application requirements or anything else pertaining to Montana State University?

For all general questions, please contact May Heriza, the Agent Partnership Manager at

Do you waive the application fee for agents?

We are not able to waive the application fee for any agent, counselor or student due to Board of Regent regulations.  The undergraduate online application fee is US$36 and the paper application fee is US$30.  The graduate online application fee is US$50 and the paper application fee is US$60.  Application fees can easily be paid with a credit card when using the online application system or with a bank check for paper applications.  For students seeking conditional admission to MSU, we do not require any separate application or fee to the ACE Language Institute.  We take care of everything for you.

Are the students who apply through my agency guaranteed admission to Montana State University or offered any special consideration?

No.  We promise to give you the best service possible, however there is no special consideration for applications sent through agents.  Our standards and admission policies are the same for all applicants.  What we provide is regular communication and updates about your applicants and direct contacts to ask questions.  We attempt to process applications as quickly as possible!

Where will I-20's be sent and by what type of mail?

I-20’s will be sent to the agent’s address indicated on the cover letter of the application.  An email will be sent to inform you that the admission documents are completed and in the mail.  Our standard policy is to send documents through Global Priority Mail.  Please be aware that this service can take up to 2 weeks to reach some countries and is not trackable.  If you or the student would prefer to get admission materials faster, please be sure to include an addition US$50 courier fee along with the application fee.  When the courier fee is paid we will ship documents through FedEx and will email you with the tracking number.

How long will it take to process my student’s application?

Undergraduate applications generally take 2 – 3 days once all of the application documents are received.  This means we can have admission materials to you within a week if the courier fee is paid, or just over 2 weeks if not.>

The graduate application process can be slower because all decisions are made internal by each department.  In general, the process can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months.  Please be aware that graduate deadlines are firm and that most strong applicants apply by the priority deadlines of September 1st for spring semester and January 15th for fall semester.

Do you offer conditional admission to students who have not taken the TOEFL or IELTS?  What about students who do not meet your English requirements?

Yes, we offer conditional admission at the undergraduate level for any student who either has not taken the TOEFL exam or does not meet our minimum requirement of a 71 iBT for the TOEFL or 6.0 for the IELTS.  In order to offer full admission we do require official results directly sent from the testing centers.  Conditionally admitted students will automatically be enrolled in the ACE Language Institute and will be required to take an English Placement Exam upon arrival at MSU.  There is no separate application fee or process for conditionally admitted students.

Graduate:  No, in general there is no conditional admission for graduate students, unless it is a government sponsored applicant.  Each department sets their own TOEFL standards, but in general the minimum is 80 iBT for the TOEFL and 7.0 for the IELTS and we do require official scores from the testing centers.  For a government sponsored applicant we have a process of requesting provisional admission from the departments.  Please contact Ms May Heriza for questions about that process