Non-resident Freshmen Scholarships

Freshmen students (graduates from secondary school who have not yet attended a post-secondary school or university) who are applying for Fall admission and take the SAT exam can compete for valuable scholarships. Awards value between US$2,000 and US$15,000 per year. If you qualify, scholarships will be automatically awarded when you are offered admission to Montana State University. More on the SAT-based Scholarship

Non-resident Transfer Scholarships

Transfer students who take the SAT or ACT exam and have a great point average of 3.4 or greater can compete for this scholarship.This one-time only award values between $2,000 and $15,000. More...

International Programs Undergraduate Scholarship

All international undergraduate applicants will automatically be considered for new student scholarships valued at up to US$3,500*. These scholarships are available to qualified international students, freshmen or transfer, applying to begin their studies either fall or spring semester.

Documents required in the international undergraduate application will determine eligibility, and no separate scholarship application is required. More on the International Programs Scholarship

International Graduate Assistantships

Teaching and research assistantships are available in many graduate departments. Prospective graduate students should contact their department of choice for information regarding assistantship availability. Non-degree graduate students are not eligible for graduate assistantships nor the associated tuition waivers. More on graduate assistanships