Undergraduate Transfer Credit

An evaluation of all previous, university-level coursework will be completed by the Office of Enrollment Services after formal admission to MSU is granted. Official results for national or international exams such as A-levels, the Abitur, and the STPM will also be evaluated for possible transfer credit. The evaluation serves to convert international coursework to the U.S. equivalent in terms of credit hours and grades earned.

All credit for previous coursework will be reviewed to determine the number of credits to be accepted. If coursework was completed at a regionally accredited (recognized) institution of higher education and is at university level, transfer credit will be awarded. Transfer credit accepted by the University, however, will not necessarily apply directly to the degree program that the student plans to pursue. Applicability of transfer courses to specific degree requirements will be determined by the student's academic adviser.

Students should bring college bulletins, course descriptions and syllabi, and textbook titles for work they have completed to assist faculty in evaluating courses for equivalency.  Evaluations based only on a course title will often be unsatisfactory and incomplete; the more detail provided, the better the evaluation.

An UNOFFICIAL self-evaluation of course work can be accessed through our Transfer Course Equivalency Guide. This information is for reference only. The equivalencies listed are the most current and subject to change. If a course or institution is not listed it does not necessarily mean that the course will not transfer, just that the information is not yet in our database system.