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Philosophy Courses and Syllabi

Please Note: Past syllabi are for informational purposes only. Course content, including required textbooks, varies semester to semester based on faculty. Syllabi are intended to give students a general idea of the course. Students enrolled in courses should use the syllabus they receive from their professor.

PHL 101IH Introduction to Philosophy: Reason & Reality (Demetriades)

PHL 101IH Introduction to Philosophy: Reason & Reality (Valeriano)

PHL 110IH Introduction to Ethics: Problems of Good & Evil (Demetriades)

PHL 110IH Introduction to Ethics: Problems of Good & Evil (Valeriano)

PHL 103D (AMST 101) Philosophy and Popular Culture

PHL 205CS Other Animals

PHL 212RH Moraltiy and Society

PHL 236Q Logic

PHL 242CS Science/Pseudo-Science and Subjectivity

PHL 255D Philosophy and Culture

PHL 270 Philosophies of Asia

PHL 278CS Origins of Life

PHL 304 Metaphysics

PHL 308 Language and the World

PHL 310 Moral Theory

PHL 312 Contemporary Moral Problems

PHL 321 Philosophy & Biomedical Ethics

PHL 322 Philosophy & Environmental Ethics

PHL 327 Aesthetics and the Arts

PHL 328 Philosophy and Film

PHL 342 Approaches to Epistemology

PHL 345 Philosophy of Science

PHL 350RH State, Community and Individual

PHL 351 Philosophy and Feminism

PHL 353 Philosophy and Technology

PHL 354 Philosophy of Race

PHL 361RH History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval

PHL 362 History of Philosophy: Modern

PHL 364 Contemporary Philosophy

PHL 365 Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness

PHL 370 Philosophy of Religion

PHL 383 Reason and Revolution

PHL 385 Existentialism and After

PHL 491 Philosophy of Law

PHL 494: Seminar (Epistemology of Science) *course subject varies by semester

PHL 494: Seminar (Transhumanism) *course subject varies by semester