The Mission of the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (Jabs) is to provide excellence in undergraduate and select graduate business education. We inspire creativity, innovation, and growth.

To accomplish this, the College: 1) Fosters an integrated, experiential, and personalized learning
environment and 2) Encourages critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication,
ethical decision making, social responsibility and life-long learning.

Undergraduate Business

One degree. Four options. Unlimited opportunities and activities.

Our undergraduate business curriculum offers students an overall knowledge of business and the flexibility for students to pursue areas of specialty that align with their passions and interests.

How is our bachelor of science degree structured?

Students must complete a 120-credit undergraduate curriculum fulfilling specific MSU and College/Jabs requirements including 42 upper-division credits and 54 credits of non-business/non-economics electives along with MSU's University Core 2.0 and option specific coursework.

The first year is dedicated towards the transition to college and acquiring a foundation of business, economics, and communications skills. The next two years build on the student's overall business knowledge in all four option areas (accounting, finance, management, marketing) and the final year is for in-depth study in the student's option area of study.

The below degree maps provide an easy to follow path for students wishing to complete a degree in four years.

*If you need a copy of a curriculum worksheet (degree map) from a previous catalog year, please contact our Office of Student Services ([email protected], 406-994-4681), located in Jabs 124

Add to Your Educational Experience

Students can expand the depth and breadth of their business education by adding a minor or certificate. Enrolling in an internship, studying abroad, or participating in one of our unique hands-on learning activities are all great ways to add to a student's educational experience and skillset.

MSU and Jabs also offer great professional development opportunities ranging from the our SURGE mentors who work with our first-year students in the 104 seminar to our student leaders in a number of student organizations. These and other opportunities allow students to practice what they have learned in the classroom allowing them to develop confidence in their abilities. See below to learn more about some specific experiences here at MSU.

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Graduate Business

Two degrees. Take your career path to the next level.

The Master of Science in Innovation and Management (MSIM) is a 30-credit, non-thesis one-year graduate program, with most students enrolling immediately following their undergraduate degree and others with 1-3 years of work experience. The goal of the program is to provide early-stage professionals with a set of skills that will enable them to be more effective leaders, innovators, and team members in their respective careers.

How is our MSIM degree structured?

Students in this program will be utilizing a cohort model with all courses taught in Jabs Hall 207, the Risa K. Scott Collaboration Lab, and will earn their degree in two semesters. Each semester will have 15 credits of
graduate-level classes (outlined below) but 3 of those credits each semester will be focused on short sprints and professional development to include weekly visiting lectures, networking opportunities, and personal 3 to 5 year career planning with the help of career coaches. Click here to learn more about the MSIM degree program.


The Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) degree at Montana State University’ cultivates students’ abilities to think innovatively while developing in-depth technical accounting knowledge, strong ethics, and excellent oral and written communication skills. Students completing the MPAc degree build a strong foundation for successful careers in public, private, and governmental accounting. Completing the 30 semester credits for the MPAc degree ensures accounting students meet the education required beyond the bachelor’s degree to sit for the CPA exam in most states.

How is our MPAc degree structured?

The MPAc program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of acceptable course work beyond a bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 21 credits of course work must be taken on campus at Montana State University (MSU)
on the Bozeman campus.

Candidates for the degree will build on the broad general and business education obtained at the undergraduate level to gain more advanced competencies in the practice and theory of financial accounting, auditing, taxation, law, and other business and professional areas. Students will also be introduced to research methods and resources used by accounting professionals. This degree is traditionally completed in one academic year (fall/spring).

Current MSU accounting undergraduates can apply for the Accelerated Master in Professional Accountancy (MPAc) program which allows them to simultaneously earn credit toward both degrees. The Accelerated MPAc Program allows Business Accounting students to complete the Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) degrees within five years. Also known as a “4+1” or “seamless” master’s program, the accelerated MPAc program can be completed by integrating both graduate and undergraduate course requirements in the final semesters of the combined period of study. Students on the Accelerated MPAc track can reserve up to 12 credits of coursework for their MPAc degree while undergraduates. In their fifth year, these students complete the remaining MPAc graduate work.

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