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*If you need a copy of a curriculum worksheet (degree map) from a previous catalog year, please contact our Office of Student Services ([email protected], 406-994-4681), located in Jabs 124






Business Internships:

For copies of the internship packet, the faculty approval form, learning contract, weekly report topics, or the supervisor's evaluation, please contact the Bracken Center at [email protected] or drop by Jabs Hall 108.

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The following information can be found at AACSB's website:

Q. Why is AACSB Accreditation Important to Students and Employers?

Schools achieving AACSB accreditation meet the highest standards worldwide demonstrating their on-going commitment to quality through continuous improvement. Accredited schools can attract more funding, higher caliber faculty, and better students.

AACSB Accreditation Requires Business Schools to:

  • Manage resources to achieve a vibrant and relevant mission
  • Provide high-caliber teaching of current curricula by highly qualified faculty
  • Cultivate meaningful interaction between students and faculty
  • Produce graduates who have achieved specified learning goals
  • Advance business and management knowledge through faculty scholarship

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