Course Identification Information

The course identification information can be found in your MyInfo, Schedule of Classes.

  • Course rubric, section number and CRN
  • Core designation (If applicable)
  • Course title
  • Semester and year
  • Days and times course meets
  • Location of class meetings
  • You may want to list any prerequisite or co-requisite courses here.


Most of us are acutely aware of how long syllabi are today so you may want to limit this section to your name, your pronouns and a brief introduction that shares something about your teaching & learning philosophy and/or your passion for the course.

You can verbally build on what is written in your syllabus during the first class.

Office Hours

List the days of the week, times and location students can meet with you in-person each week.

  • 3 hours/week
  • In-person and held in accessible academic spaces on campus
  • Consistently scheduled times that are reasonably convenient for students and predictable.

Do not assume your students know what faculty office hours are or that they have taken advantage of visiting faculty during office hours previously. Encourage students to use your office hours to demonstrate you care about their success. Remind them of your office hours as the semester progresses.

Contact Information

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your office and office phone number

This section fits well with the office hour information. You may also briefly describe your communication methods and expectation, such as when you check email and when a student can expect a response after they have sent an email to you. Some faculty, for example, state that they do not use university email between 5 pm on Friday and 5pm Sunday. MSU’s Learn Anywhere offers resources for developing a communication plan for your class.

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