McNair Scholars, please review the below instructions 
for applying to receive an application fee waiver and/or to apply for a tuition waiver.  

Fee Waiver Application

The Graduate School offers an application fee waiver for McNair students from any university applying to a graduate program at Montana State University.

BEFORE YOU APPLY: The application fee waiver process requires that you supply the Graduate School a verification of your McNair status prior to applying to the university. 
  1. Submit an original signed letter or e-mail (with electronic signature) from the student's McNair Scholars Program Director, which includes:
    1. Dates the student participated in the McNair Scholars Program.
    2. Verification the student was in good academic standing in their McNair Scholars Program.
    3. Information regarding the student’s activities during their scholastic career including research, seminars, and/or symposiums attended.
  2. If you are an MSU student and need help with securing your McNair letter, please work with Shelly Hogan [email protected] (MSU-McNAIR)  

PROCESS: The Graduate School will review the letter once it is received. After verification, the Graduate School will issue an application fee waiver via email along with instructions on how to use the waiver during the application process.  

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to: Melis Edwards, [email protected].  

Tuition Waiver Application

McNair undergraduate students who are have applied and have been admitted to Montana State University should apply for the MSU McNair Graduate Tuition Waiver Award. Before you apply, review the eligibility requirements and read the Tuition Waiver award Guidelines

Student eligibility requirements:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Have completed the MSU McNair Scholars Program at any university.
  • Be newly admitted to a graduate degree program in a Fall term.
  • Preferred: Have a GPA of 3.30 or higher in upper division undergraduate courses
  • Have not been awarded a full tuition waiver from MSU or outside agencies.
  • Applying for any graduate credential, including, certificates, masters and doctoral.

When you are ready to apply, work with your admitting department to secure their support.  Follow the three step process to complete and submit your application. 

  1. First create a 'packet' with information found on the McNair student application process page.
  2. Set a meeting with your admitting department to discuss McNair. Provide them your 'packet' and ask the department to nominate you by using the department nomination process
  3. If the department agrees to support you, submit your packet and department support letter to Kathy Marcinko, [email protected]

PROCESS: The Graduate School will review your completed packet for consideration. If the Graduate School selects you as a McNair Tuition Waiver recipient, you will be notified.  All applications will receive a response, whether they receive a waiver or not. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to: Kathy Marcinko, [email protected]