ATTENTION: THIS PROCESS WILL DROP YOU FROM ALL OF YOUR CLASSES FOR THE TERM YOU REQUEST. To drop only one or some of your classes, complete the Drop request form

Terms and Conditions

  • I understand this request must be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office, Student Accounts, Residence Life, Financial Aid, and the Registrar’s Office and a hold will be placed on my account until the process is complete.
  • I understand that I am financially responsible for my bill as outlined in the registration handbook on the Registrar’s website.
  • I understand that a hold may be placed on my student account and access to my transcript may be denied if I withdraw and have unresolved conduct code issues in the Dean of Students office.
  • I understand that completely withdrawing can impact any financial aid I received for the term and possible eligibility for future aid. Federal financial aid may need to be repaid to the financial aid program and may create a balance owed on my student account. Please consult with the financial aid office for potential impacts.
  • I understand I should consult Financial Aid regarding impact of withdrawal on aid or scholarship.
  • I understand health insurance is not refundable and if I want to keep my MSU health insurance throughout the term I must call 406-994-3199:  Before the 15th class day, students may keep their insurance if it’s paid.  After the 15th class day, students may keep their insurance if they are leaving for a medical reason.
  • I understand I need to submit a 30 day notice with Family and Graduate Housing if I currently live there.
  • I understand I am responsible for any balance due on my student account which must be paid before I can access my transcripts or register for additional classes.  I understand that this balance plus any subsequent charges may be turned over to a commercial collection agency if I fail to pay my debt. If collection is required I agree to pay all additional collection fees, including but not limited to collection agency fees of up to 33.333% and attorney fees.  If the account is referred to a commercial collection agency, Montana State University may disclose the facts concerning the default along with other pertinent information to credit bureau organizations. I also authorize MSU or their agents to use my cell phone number, if provided or later obtained, to contact me regarding my debt. 

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Retroactive University Withdrawal (RUWD)
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