The Graduate School at Montana State University provides this list of healthcare options to help you decide which is the right choice for you. Note that a plan may cover both primary and extended/emergency care, or you may have to utilize two plans for full coverage.

Healthcare Options
Primary Care
Extended/Emergency Care
  • Possible for students who are under 26 and U.S. citizens
  • May have out-of-region restrictions
Deductibles and co-pay vary by plan

Visit Student Health Partners

  • $263.25/semester for office visit(s)
  • Automatically enrolled if 7 credits or more
  • Choice if taking 6 credits or fewer
  • Only you can be covered

Not included - need additional BCBS
or Marketplace for extended/emergency care

Visit Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • $2,310.00/semester for students continuing their coverage from Fall
  • Deductibles & co-pays
  • Only you can be covered
Deductibles and co-pay vary by plan Marketplace

Visit Marketplace

  • Gold, silver, & bronze options
  • Deductible and co-pay vary by plan
  • Family & dependent options

The state of Montana has a non-profit agency, the ACA Navigator, who can help any person living in Montana find affordable health insurance. This non-profit has a federal grant to provide free navigation services. US graduate students may be eligible for subsidies that may assist in paying monthly premiums. Note, to help with potential subsidy, you should select "not eligible for employee health insurance" if your only insurance option is MSU. You can contact a Montana Navigator at (406) 430-0005 or visit them online at

Contact them if you are curious about your health insurance options and how to combine the services of Student Health Partners at MSU with insurance.

Deductibles and co-pay vary by plan
International students

There are a range of options.

1) Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • $2310.00/semester for continuing students
  • Deductibles & co-pays
  • Only you can be covered

2) Lewer Global

  • Three options available and each has 100% in network coverage and $500,000 annual maximum, e.g., a “standard plan” starts at $89 a month.
  • Call (800) 821-7711 or send email to [email protected] with any questions.

3) ISI "Student Defender"

  • You do not need to select a university in the first form
  • Range of plans available with different levels of deductibles, some priced at ~$1000 for 12 months

4) ISO Compass PPO

  • Can be as low as $49/month
  • Compare coverages with other options
Deductibles and co-pay vary by plan.

A flexible, affordable option for single students may be SHP for primary care with Navigator at to discuss extended/emergency options.

*charges may apply for other services.