If you downloaded MATLAB through the link provided on UIT's MATLAB software page you will be required to update your license each year in August.  You will receive a reminder message prior to expiration.


To update your MATLAB license:

  1. Open MATLAB.
  2. Click the Help dropdown menu located in the Resources section of toolstrip.
    Toolstrip showing resources section
  3. Select Licensing > Update Current Licenses... (see image below)
    Help dropdown menu and update license link

  4. Click Update in the MathWorks License Update dialog box (see image below).
    mathworks license update window screenshot
  5. Click OK (see image below). 
    update complete window screenshot
    The MathWorks License Update dialog box reopens indicating  license has been updated.
  6.  Click Close (see image below).  
    MathWorks License Update window indicating  license has been updated
  7. Click OK to close dialog box.  Then quit (exit) and restart MATLAB.
    Restart Required window screenshot

Your MATLAB license should now be updated.