Making housing arrangements, whether on-campus or in the community, is the responsibility of the student. It is recommended that housing be secured as far in advance as possible.

On-Campus Options

Residence Halls (undergraduate students)

The University provides nine residence halls with various living options.  A room in the residence halls is guaranteed to any student desiring one!  The halls offer many services including study rooms, computer facilities and kitchen areas and vary from coed halls to all-male or all-female residences. Options are available for older students, internationals, and those who prefer a quiet or smoke-free atmosphere. Students are encouraged to live in a residence hall during their first term at MSU in order to meet other students in a relaxed, secure and convenient environment. Undergraduates with fewer than 30 semester credits are required to live in a residence hall on campus. Students are urged to apply early for the best choice in halls and rooms. For a look at the different halls you can explore the Residence Life web page at: http://www.montana.edu/reslife .  You can easily download an application form at the bottom on the "Contact Us" page. Residence life can be contacted by email at housing@montana.edu.

The MSU Residence Halls Food Service has three dining halls, and students can choose from many different meal plans. The food service provides wholesome and balanced meals, including vegetarian dishes. For a closer look at the food service options take a tour on their exciting interactive website at: http://www.montana.edu/wwwufs/

Important Note: Receiving confirmation of on-campus housing DOES NOT indicate acceptance for admission to the University. Notification of admission will come from the Office of Admissions. A non-refundable housing deposit of $200 is applied as payment to the residence hall bill. Students should plan to apply for housing as soon as acceptance to the University is final; this will give the greatest choice of living arrangements.

Family & Graduate Housing

Family & Graduate Housing offers reasonably priced housing to families, married couples, second degree students, graduate students and single parents with dependant children. One, two or three units are available, some are furnished. The apartments are located within walking/biking distance from the main campus, and are relatively close to many Bozeman amenities including the Gallatin Valley Mall, several grocery stores, retail stores, and movie theaters.  Family housing rental rates are less expensive than off-campus housing, but there is often a waiting list.  Students are advised to apply at least 6 months ahead of time. For further information, please see: http://www.montana.edu/fgh/ or contact Family & Graduate Housing at fgho@montana.edu.

Off Campus Options

A wide variety of apartments and rental houses can be found within easy walking distance of campus.  Prices vary depending on location, size, and number of people sharing the space.  Rent including utilities, for one student per month will range from a low of $500 upwards to $1200 with $700 as an average. The best sources for locating off-campus housing or “roommates wanted” are: the Bozeman Daily Chronicle newspaper, classified section at http://bozemandailychronicle and ApartmentList at http://www.apartmentlist.com/mt/bozeman#map. Students planning to live off campus should plan to arrive two weeks early to search for housing. A hotel will need to be secured until an aparment is found.

Temporary Housing

MSU residence halls offer temporary housing at a reasonable price for students arriving early who intend to live in the halls for the entire semester.  Temporary dormitory housing costs approximately US$10.00 per night, must be paid upon arrival, and does not include food.

For those students not planning to live in the residence halls, several off-campus options are available depending on your needs and time frame.  Below is a list of hotels within walking distance of campus and the approximate prices for a single room (if you are traveling with a friend and can share a room, the cost will be shared between you):

  • Magnuson Grand City Center – 507 W. Main, 406-587-3158 (US$80.00-$95.00)
  • Lewis & Clark Motel (closest to campus) – 824 W. Main, 406-586-3341 (US$55.00 - $70.00)
  • Royal 7 Budget Inn - 310 N. 7th Avenue, 406-587-3103 (US$50.00-55.00) - http://www.bozemancitycenter.com/

If you would like an option with a kitchen unit you rent by the week or month, try contacting the motels below (these motels will be farther from MSU than the above list):

  • Bozeman Western Heritage Inn – 406-586-8534
  • Comfort Inn – 406-587-2322
  • Rainbow Motel – 406-587-4201
  • Ramada Limited – 406-585-2626

For a complete list of accommodations