Sandra K. Halonen Microbiology & Immunology Travel funds to attend and present at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists.
Jennifer Lachowiec Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology Funding for development of an automated imaging platform in the Plant Growth Center by purchasing equipment.
Timothy R. McDermott Land Resources & Environmental Sciences Travel funds for visiting a collaborator and presenting at the 16th Symposium of Aquatic Microbiology.
Jennifer M. Thomson Animal & Range Sciences Travelfunds to attend and present at the Annual Meeting of the 6th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. 
Catherine Zabinski Land Resources & Environmental Sciences Travel funds to visit two research labs in support of a research/writing project linking soil chemistry to plant performance.
Ian van Coller School of Film & Photography

Travel funds to participate in The Arctic Circle Autumn Art and Science Expedition.

Maire O'Neil Conrad Architecture Funding to support writing a book chapter as part of the dissemination of research.
Nancy Cornwell School of Film & Photography Travel and equipment funds to support her research of the legal, cultural and social evolution of Australian free speech rights.
Catherine Dale School of Film & Photography Travel funds and fees to attend a workshop with industry members that will provide critical peer feedback.
Gesine Janzen School of Art Travel funds to attend a workshop to gain more in-depth knowledge of the structure of books and how artists use this form to express their ideas
Sara Mast School of Art Funding for materials to complete, package and exhibit her work, Body of Water, in San Francisco in 2020.
Sarah Stoneback School of Music Travel funds to present her work, Chop Balance: A Warm-Upfor a Healthy Balanced Experience on Trumpet, at the International Trumpet Guild Conference.
Kregg Aytes/Scott Bryant JJCOBE Funding for attending a workshop/webinar to become certified in administering the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile and coaching students to maximize their entrepreneurial potential. 
Laura Black JJCOBE Funding for travel and tuition to participate in the Michigan State University’s Innovations in Participatory Modeling Field School
Ed Gamble JJCOBE Travel funds for attending a conference that leading to a publication.
Christine Stanton Education Funding to support production costs of the pilot film, Digital Storywork to Support Little Schell Language Revitalization, as well as related travel costs.
Tena Versland Education Travel funds to present recent work at a conference in London (British Educational Leadership, Management, Administration Society) and connect with collaborators.
Wan Yuan-Kuo Health & Human Development Travel funds and costs for Partcipatory Research Training for Establishing Community‐Focused Food Innovation.
Maryam Bahramipanah Electrical & Computer Engineering Travel funds for a two-week visit to Distributed Electrical System Laboratory (DESL) at Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne located in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Jen Brown Chemical & Biological Engineering Travel funds to attend the 15th Annual Summer Session on Contemplative Learning in Higher Education in the summer of 2019. 
William Schell Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Travel funds to attend a professional conference in Sydney, Australiato support sabbatical research.
Veronika Strnadova-Neely Gianforte School of Computing Funding for registration and travel costs to attend a Data Science Dojo bootcamp. 
Zack Bean   English Travel funds to attend the Sewanee Writer’s Conference at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.
Brooke Bocast  Sociology & Anthropology Travel funds to conduct one month of fieldwork in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to support a book project, “Healthy Life Trajectories”, which studies a multi-sited World Health Organization (WHO) maternal healthcare intervention.
Ada Giusti  Modern Languages & Literatures Travel funds to interview returned migrants in Italy for her book-length project, “Recapturing ‘Home’: Chronicles of Remigration Experiences”.
Alex Harmon  English Travel funds to present a paper, “Walking with Ancestors: Native Ghosts in Postcolonial America,” at the Modern Language Association’s International Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal.
Marvin Lansverk  English Travel funds to present a paper at the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies International Congress on the Enlightenment in Edinburgh in July, and to conduct additional research on Jane Austen at the Chawton House Library.
Hua Li  Modern Languages & Literatures Travel funds to interview Chinese science fiction writers and academic experts in science fiction, and to travel to UC-Riverside to work with the Rivera Library’s special science fiction studies collection in support of two book chapters.
Andrea Litt Ecology Funds to spend one month at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula and develop a conceptual framework for applying a trait-based approach to understanding and predicting how invasive plants affect native wildlife.
Mariana Olsen  Psychology Travel funds to attend the Animal Studies Institute, a week-long program, hosted by the Center for Advanced Study at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Ben Oosterhoff  Psychology Funding to purchase Video-Recording Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) devices to support his research on the connection between adolescents’ civic engagement and positive development.
Cara Palmer Psychology Funding to purchase Actigraph Sleep Devices (watches) to support her research on the relationship between adolescent sleep patterns and anxiety.
Colin Shaw  Earth Sciences Travel funds to join a field expedition to the Ikertoq shear zone in western Greenland to collect preliminary data for a proposal to the NSF Tectonics program.
Bill Wyckoff  Earth Sciences Funding for four weeks of field and archival work in Denver to support a new book project that explores the changing cultural landscapes of Denver’s African American community through the photography of Burnis McCloud.
Sara Mannheimer  Library Funding to implement a train-the-trainer model to promote sustainability of data science workshops in the MSU Library.
 Julie Ruff Nursing Travel funds for a conference and research furthering her scholarly focus on the social determinants of healthcare outcomes for American Indian children.