Cathy Cripps Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology For travel expenses to collect alpine fungi in Alaska. 
Sara Branco Microbiology & Immunology For travel expenses and presentations  at Int'l Mycological Congress, San Juan, PR. 
Amy Trowbridge Land Resources & Environmental Sciences For travel expenses , data gathering and presentation at Gordon Conference, California
D. Mark Anderson Agricultural Economics & Economics For travel expenses and data collection at National Archives 
Rebekah VanWieren Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology For travel expenses and vacant land regeneration research sites
Juliana D'Andrilli Land Resources & Environmental Sciences For partial travel expenses and presentation at POLAR2018 in Switzerland.  
Lisa Rew Land Resources & Environmental Sciences For travel expenses to Statistics Workshop 
Kevin O'Neill Land Resources & Environmental Sciences For travel expenses to continue research on bees in Belize. 
Jennifer Lachowiec Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology To purchase equipment.
Chris Livingston Architecture For travel to Curitiba, Brazil in order to cultivate opportunities for MSU at the 2019 Biennial. 
Henry E. Sorenson, Jr Architecture To support the mapping of Cuban architectural styles using architectural rendering and photography.
Kristin Harney Music Travel funds to present research at NAfME Northwest Division Conference, Portland OR. 
Jon Harney Music Funds to undertake a program of study to learn instrumental conducting. 
Meta Newhouse Art Funds for travel to attend a two-day workshop in Risograph Printing.
Jason Bolte Music Travel funds to an international conference in Korea.
Joshua DeWeese Art Travel funds to North Carolina to visit and study STARworks Clay Center facility. 
Regina Gee Art Travel funds to the Picta fragmenta: Rileggendo la pittura vesuviana – Napoli, Italy.
Pinky Rusli Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship Travel funds to support research-in-progress project, “Group-Based Contracts, Group Identity, and Voluntary Contribution". 
Jayne Downey Education Travel funds to Australia to  complete a grant proposal.
Ann Ellsworth Education Travel funds to study with colleagues. 
Brittany Fasy Gianforte School of Computing Travel funds to participate in the second workshop for women in computational topology (WinCompTop), Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI),  Melbourne, Australia.
Ron June Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Travel funds to attend conferences in Europe. 
Christine Foreman Chemical & Biological Engineering Travel funds to attend the International Workshop on Organic Matter Spectroscopy will be held in Hyeres, France. .
Stephanie Wettstein Chemical & Biological Engineering Travel funds to Colorado (CSM and CU) on  NSF funded research. 
Damon Fick Civil Engineering Funds for  testing larger-scale shear wall panels.
Paul Gannon Chemical & Biological Engineering Travel funds for a visit to the HEDC  (Higher Education Development Centre) in New Zealand.  
David Ayala Mathematical Sciences Course release in Spring 2019 to Funds to complete work on a proof of the Cobordism Hypothesis.
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto History & Philosophy Travel funds for  research trips researching métis ranching community near Deer Lodge, MT.
Mary Cloninger Chemistry & Biochemistry Travel funds to present research at the 2018 International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry conference in Quebec City. 
Neha John-Henderson Psychology Funding to purchase 6 Actigraph-link devices, with accompanying software and charging stations. 
Mary Hubbard Earth Sciences Travel funds for a trip to Nepal to conduct field mapping, to collect samples for geochronology, and to design an exhibit for the museum of Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. 
Molly Todd History & Philosophy Travel funds to attend the Western Archives Institute in California to receive formal training in archival research and collection practices. 
Megan Wickstrom Mathematical Sciences Funding  to compile a practitioner-focused book documenting mathematical modeling in K-8 classrooms.
John Thompson Modern Languages and Literatures Travel funds to conduct interviews in Spain for book project.
Stacey Hancock Mathematical Sciences Funding  to support her research on student understanding of sampling distributions in Statistics courses.
James Meyer History & Philosophy Travel funds to Istanbul to screen films written by the Turkish poet Nâzim Hikmet. 
Jing Qin Mathematical Sciences Travel funds to support trips to Texas to complete a collaborative paper . 
Jennifer Luebeck Mathematical Sciences Travel funds for site visits to collect materials for a book-length project on online learning .
Dana Rashid Cell Biology & Neuroscience Travel funds and registration for the Dino Shindig at the Carter County Museum in Ekalaka, MT.
Renee Gebault King Extension Fund for a feasibility study on the need for 4-H Organic Farming Curriculum.