Learning outcomes; overview; themes; details

Organize the course content on your syllabus in a way that makes most sense to you. 

  • If your class is a Core class, describe the Core designation rationale.
    • List the Core learning outcomes for the course 
    • Describe how students develop applicable Core Qualities in your course.  
  • Write the course description 
  • List the student learning outcomes 
  • Outline themes, assignments and activities students will be doing.
  • You may want to describe how your course is connected to other courses in the curriculum or across campus, including Core Qualities. 

How to Use the Learning Management System (LMS)

MSU currently uses Brightspace as our LMS. One of the most common frustrations of our students is due to inconsistent use of the LMS by faculty. You can help students succeed in your class by orienting your students to how you organize course materials in the LMS and clearly stating your expectations of students use of the LMS. Your syllabus statement may be an outline or overview of how you use it and direct students to where you post your orientation video how you organize and use the LMS. Posting course materials in Brightspace. 

  • It is important to post accessible materials and the CFE can help you. 

Required Course Materials

  • List any textbooks and supplies students are required to purchase for your class. Before classes begin, check that they are or will be available at the MSU Bookstore. Notify students of alternatives to purchasing texts if you are going to have books on reserve at the MSU Library. 
  • List any technology students will need for your class. Provide links, if appropriate. 
  • If you are using Open Educational Resources, check with the library to ensure your class materials are available to your students. 

Course Specific Resources

List any academic resources students are expected to access as part of your class, such as peer-learning groups or academic technologies. 

    • You, as the instructor, can contact them if you know a student needs tutoring. Usually students reach out directly to Smarty Cats and they will contact you. 

MSU Library

The MSU Library is eager to actively partner with faculty in the development of curricula that incorporates library resources and services. Below we suggest some generic language that can be plugged into syllabi related to the library. We also ask faculty to consider focusing on curricular enhancements that tie into library resources and services instead of simply pointing to library resources via the syllabus. This type of active partnership has a greater impact on student success!

Actively Incorporating MSU Library Resources and Services into Your Curriculum

Suggested Syllabi Language for the MSU Library:

Student-focused language you can incorporate into your syllabus

  • Language for faculty specifically using one of these services:
    • Reserves Materials: I have placed a copy of the required textbook on reserve at the library. Or: I have placed items on reservice for our course at the library’s Service Desk. Items on reserve can be identified online via CatSearch, and checked out by students at the Service Desk.
    • OER: I am partnering with the MSU Library to bring down the costs of your textbooks and course materials. In your course reading list, you will see links to Open Education Resources (OER). Here’s more information about OER, if you’re interested.

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