Welcome to the Science Education Graduate Certificates program!

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Once admitted, please do the following:

1.  Fill out a Graduate Program of Study Worksheet and email it to your Academic Advisor.

  • For assistance with course selection and timeline planning, please contact Holly Thompson at [email protected]
  • View the Curriculum page to choose courses that you want to take in your selected Certificate option.
  • Once your plan is accepted by your Academic Advisor, instructions to submit the Program of Study form will be provided. 

2.  Clear up any holds that you might have on your Student Account. Holds may prevent you from registering for classes. To see if you have any holds, log into your My Info account, then go to "Student Services", then "Student Records" to view any holds you might have. Contact the Student Support Manager for any questions about holds that you might have.

Note: Students who have not filled out a Program of Study will have a hold on their accounts after the completion of their second semester.

  1. View upcoming science education courses by going to the Course catalog page and choose the semeter under the Courses by Semester  dropdown menu at the top of the page.
  2. Register for classes through the MyInfo system. Get your advisor PIN by contacting your advisor at [email protected] or 406-994-7485.

Online Learning Platform

Web-based courses at Montana State University are delivered via a D2L (aka Brightspace) platform, courseware for building interactive learning communities on the Web. To check for system requirements visit:


While you are completing the program:

  • Follow your Program of Study. This is your roadmap to completing your certificate in a timely manner. We understand that sometimes "life happens" and we need to make changes, so please contact us if you need to make changes to your program of study.
  • Coursework that is over 6 years old cannot be counted towards a Certificate Program of Study
  • Coursework that is 3XX (or lower numbered) will not be applicable to Graduate Certificate requirements
  • Pass/Fail credits are not allowed on a Graduate Certificate Program of Study
  • No more than 1/3 of the coursework on a Graduate Certificate Program of Study may be 400-level.
  • Be advised that only 3 credits of coursework on the Program of Study can be transfer work. Transfer credits are defined as credits coming from an outside institution, credits taken prior to being admitted to the certificate program in Continuing Education status at MSU, and credits reserved for graduate credit at MSU while pursuing a bachelor's degree.

In your final semester of the program, you must:

  • Be registered for at least 1 credit in your final semester of the program. 
  • Submit an Graduation Application for a Certificate (CERT); note there is a $20 fee associated with filing this document.
    • You will need to pay this fee every time you submit this form. Thus, if you do not finish in the intended semester, you'll need to pay this fee again if you have to re-submit it.

Your certificate of completion will be mailed to you upon the successful completion of your final course(s). You will also have notation on your official MSU transcript that indicates you have completed this program.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory whenever you are enrolled for 6 or more academic credits. If you have your own insurance, you may waive participation in the student policy.

Students must waive each semester that they are registered for 6 or more credits. All online students may waive through MyInfo, MSU's online student information system, after they register. How?

If you experience difficulty while requesting a waiver or if you have questions, please call the student health insurance office at (406) 994-3199.

Students with fewer than 6 credits may be eligible for coverage depending on their enrollment circumstances. For more information, call (406) 994-3199.

For information about the student Blue Cross Blue Shield policy, including current rates, please visit the BCBS Student Health Insurance Plan website.

For More Information

Please contact:

Holly Thompson Reed
Academic Advisor
Graduate Certificates in Science Education 
Master of Science in Science Education
Montana State University
451 Reid Hall
PO Box 172805
Bozeman, MT 59717-2805

Tel: (406) 994-7485
Fax: (406) 994-5575
[email protected]