At CPS, we are committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of our endeavors.  We practice cultural humility and continually aim to grow in our cultural self-awareness, knowledge, and skills.  We understand that each person is unique and lives within a greater social context that influences their intersecting cultural identities and experience of power and oppression.  As such, we are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and tailored services that consider the whole person, including their intersecting cultural identities. 



At CPS, we value learning and recognize that multicultural self-awareness, knowledge, and skill development is a life-long endeavor.  We are committed to providing and seeking out diversity and inclusion training for our staff and trainees to support personal and professional development and to aid in the provision of culturally attuned mental health services.  As such, all CPS staff are Safe Zone trained and engage in regular diversity and inclusion professional development training throughout the year. 


Clinical Services

Diversity and inclusion is integrated into all our services at CPS, including  counseling. We recognize people as cultural beings with unique backgrounds, experiences, relationships, and intersecting social identities.  When providing clinical services, we consider the whole person including the cultural dimensions of one’s identity and related values, beliefs, and attitudes to support culturally attuned treatment.  We also consider the socio-cultural context that may be impacting or contributing to the concerns, goals, or challenges clients want to address. 

In addition to general cultural considerations as part of our clinical practice, clients may seek services at CPS to specifically address cultural concerns and we provide therapy on a wide range of topics that includes, but is not limited to: religion and spirituality, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, racial identity, socioeconomic status, discrimination, and cultural adjustment.


Outreach & Consultation

Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

  • Safe Zone: The Safe Zone program was launched at MSU through a joint effort between CPS and Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons (DISC) in 2008. The program provides educational trainings to increase awareness of LGBTQ+ identity, aid LGBTQ+ ally development, and sharpen skills to eradicate heterosexism and transnegativity.  The DISC and CPS co-coordinate the Safe Zone program and offer trainings throughout the year. Visit the Safe Zone page for program information, how to attend a training, or become a facilitator.
  • DISCourse and Nuggets: The Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons (DISC) and Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) partner to create a safe space for our Multicultural student community to gather.  All are welcome to participate in conversation, enjoying nuggets of discourse along with small food bites (nuggets)! Visit the DISCourse & Nuggets page for information. 
  • Dinner and Dialogue: The Dinner and Dialogue program provides a space for MSU community members to share a meal, engage in dialogue about a variety of topics that integrate cultural themes, and develop related skills to enhance the roles and responsibilities inhabited as a student, staff, or faculty at MSU. CPS partners with American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success, TRIO, Office of International Programs, and Empower to offer these workshops in the fall and spring terms.
    • Fall schedule will be added HERE soon!
  • Diversity & Inclusion Development: The MSU DID program was launched by CPS in 2018 to support the goals and strategies outlined in MSU’s Diversity and Inclusion Framework. The DID program offers a series of workshops to students, staff, and faculty targeting the expansion of awareness, knowledge, and skills related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to promote personal and professional growth.  This program is coordinated in partnership with Human Resources and has expanded to include collaboration with many other campus departments and offices.  Information and current offerings can be found on the HR Staff Development page. 

Liaison partnerships

CPS works closely with campus departments and student groups to facilitate communication and provide services that are responsive and culturally appropriate to each group’s needs. To discuss establishing a liaison partnership with CPS, please email us. The following are a list of some of these partnerships (click each to link to their page):

American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success Services  

TRIO Student Support Services

Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons

Office of International Programs

Office for Disability Services

Office of Veteran Services 

Black Student Union

Queer Straight Alliance

Fuerza Latinx

Hilleman Scholars

Asian Student Interracial Association

First-Generation Students Association

African Student Association

Empower Student Center

Disabled Students Association of Montana State

Additional Diversity & Inclusion workshops

Additional Diversity & Inclusion workshops are available to students, staff, and faculty as requested.


CPS staff are available for consultation to staff and faculty related to diversity and inclusion issues, concerns, and challenges.