Program Requirements
Internship Credit Requirements and Other Criteria

Program Requirements
Internships provide an opportunity for graduate students to work closely with a professional gaining experience in a business or professional setting. Establishment of the intern's goals prior to participation in the internship will make the experience more meaningful and will help develop a stronger commitment from the supervisor/advisor and the student.

All departments offering graduate internship programs must address numbers 1-6 below. In addition, the university supervisor/advisor and agency supervisor must develop the specific internship criteria by considering and stating responses to the following, in writing:

1. Objectives
2. Eligibility and prerequisites for the internship
3. Application procedure
4. Procedure for selecting interns
5. Procedure for selection of cooperating offices, agency or institution
6. Due dates for final reports by agency and university supervisor/advisor.

The university supervisor/advisor, agency supervisor and intern must discuss and develop the following in writing:

1. Educational goals and objectives of the experience;
2. Specific expectations/duties of the intern duration, amount of effort, credits, stipend, responsibilities, etc.);
3. Credit requirements of the intern (daily logs, final reports, seminars, etc.);
4. Evaluation criteria and grading responsibilities of the university supervisor/advisor and agency supervisor;
5. Date by when the student must have completed all requirements for the internship credits
6. Signatures of agency supervisor, student and university supervisor/advisor.

Permanent documentation includes agreement forms, logs, reports and all other items used in the evaluation process which become a part of the student's permanent file in the department. This documentation is to be available for review at the request of the Graduate Dean. 

Internship Credit Requirements and Other Criteria

1. Graduate students may register in graduate internships (Department rubric, 598 course number) after successfully completing nine (9) credits graduate coursework.
2. Internships will require a minimum of 45 hours of student effort for each semester credit. 
3. Internship credit will not be granted for previous work experience or current job duties if employed. 
4. A maximum of twelve (12) semester internship credits may be applicable toward a graduate degree.
5. Interns may receive a stipend for work performed.
6. Internship periods shall correspond inasmuch as possible with university semesters so that regular grades (not incompletes) can be properly assigned each semester. When internships will encompass more than one semester, proper credits and criteria for grading shall be arranged for each term.


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